Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hoaxing the humour-deprived.

Ha! via Canadian Cynic: You keep using that word "attack" ... we learn of a brilliant piece of political theatre, à la parti Rhinocéros, and of the humour-deprived 'Secrets of Vancouver'.

The Yes Men are famous for their hoaxes, usually through their impersonations of corporate executives, and BeyondTalk calls for nonviolent resistance to the drivers of climate change.

Shows how far they fgo in the name of Global Warming, and if it were real, why would you need deceptive tactics like this?

If it were real? Oh, I get it. One of your 'secrets' is that you don't believe in science.

Deceptive tactics? You mean like the glurge and the glossy spreads of fetal remains that abortion-criminalizers like to wave around as though the sight of their anti-choice will drive onlookers to their knees and force them to breed against their will?

As I've mentioned before, with respect to the howls of outrage produced by the dimmer bulbs of the rightwing neocon religious fundamentalists and assorted nutz, SOV's would be testerically funny if it were a parody. Since SOV's shrieeeking appears to be 'real', according to SOV's self-defined reality, it is retarded (as in regressive) and pathetic.

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