Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fabricated ... huh?

Has the US rightwing conservative media, including FoxNews which is basically infaux-tainment, finally jumped the shark? Or perhaps it actually happened when I wasn't paying attention. Or perhaps this little brouhaha is a variation of Poe's Law?

Rush Limbaugh is attempting to purchase a NFL franchise. In response to this, CNN and others have publicized a great number of racists quotes attributed to Limbaugh. Mark Steyn claims that these are all fabrications and challenges those who are repeating this information to provide documentation that Limbaugh actually uttered pronouncements such as:

Limbaugh called illegal immigrants an "invasive species." Referring to an April 1, 2005, federal court ruling that prohibited shipping boats from dumping of ballast water containing "invasive species," including some types of mollusks, into U.S. waters, Limbaugh described illegal immigrants as an "invasive species" that U.S. courts willingly permit to enter the country.

Limbaugh repeatedly calls Native Americans "Injuns." Media Matters for America documented at least four separate instances of Limbaugh using this slur on his program.

More, much more
from Media Matters.

In response to this documentation, Steyn sneers:
"So where are these racist soundbites? Where's the audio? Where's the transcript? Name the year."

Poe's Law at work. It would be testerically funny, if it were parody.

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Jymn Parrett said...

Like the birthers, even when confronted with the evidence, Steyn is not satisfied. It is not the facts that matter to these people, it's only outrage and victimhood. It never ends.

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