Saturday, 26 September 2009

Where's Larry?

That Lawrence "Larry" Cannon is just full of surprises. From CC at Canadian Cynic we hear that he's planning to give Gadhafi a piece of his mind when the Lybian leader's plane lands in Newfoundland next week to re-fuel.

The ReformaTories have a bizarre approach to international politics. There was Maxime "Unzipped" Bernier who handled confidential documents with the same grace and sense he used in conducting his personal affairs. Larry was MIA during the Abousfian Abdelrazik situation which seemingly was resolved in spite of his desultory neglect of the case.

And Harper held a press conference at an Oakville Tim Hortons while world leaders spoke at the United Nations assembly. I think that was engineered in the hopes Ignatieff might label him as some Western Canada hayseed with no international creds. And the Cons could have pulled a gotcha! and leveraged that response to their advantage.

That didn't happen because the media and most Canadians are on to the Con; Stevie grew up in Toronto and acquired his Alberta neocon identity as a young adult. He's a Con-vert with serious self-confidence issues, needing galleries and Harper government websites jammed with his photographs to bolster his fragile ego.

Update: I predict that Larry will call this a great victory and an achievement. It seems Gadhafi's advance team has changed the original plan that called for a stop in Newfoundland and rerouted his flight.


West End Bob said...

Excellent photo to accompany the post title, deBeauxOs . . . .

the regina mom said...

Harper's a Con-vert! A beauty of a post, dBO!

Beijing York said...


Bina said...

Harpo is a national embarrassment. Like the UN and all its member state leaders or lump them, but if you have any pretensions to class and couth, you don't fucking walk out. If you have something to say, say it and don't go sulking and pouting to Tim's for a stupid bloody photo-op.

(I'm beginning to wonder if xenophobic head-in-sanding is the new Tory strategy for international relations, or what.)

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