Monday, 14 September 2009

Showing the Pink.

Now, now. Keep those minds out of the gutter.

The women of DAMMIT JANET! are proud members of the constituency Stevie has labeled "left-wing fringe", along with francophones living outside the province of Québec and - of course! - gay and lesbian equal rights-seeking organizations. That's quite a number of citizens the future 'former prime minister' has managed to offend in one go.

Isn't it interesting how progressives get labeled that way, more proof the ReformaTories are no longer even pretending to court our votes. Add up all those so-called "special interests" and "left-wing fringe" groups and you've got a considerable number of Canadian electors riled up at you and your party, Stevie. A majority of them, I'd say.

And though rightwing lunatic fringe groups might whip up the fury and the fear once more on your behalf, Stevie, I'm predicting they won't. In your desperate attempt to re-brand yourself as some sham 'conservative moderate', you didn't deliver the goodies you promised to your fundamentalist religious base.

So fuck you, Stevie. And fuck your blue-boy sweater. Look for me at election time. I'll be one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of women flaunting a pink T-shirt. I won't be voting for you. I'll be voting for a party that will cure this country of the Con curse and pestilence.

The money raised by T-shirt sales should be channeled towards the organizations whose core funding you slashed when you savaged Status of Women Canada, that bone you threw to R.E.A.L. women.

The photo of a sculpture by Kate Carr is from this website.


Pseudz said...

Where can I git one?

fern hill said...

Stay tuned, Pseudz, we'll let you know.

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