Thursday, 24 September 2009

Liar, Liar - Penis on Fire!

LuLu over at Canadian Cynic has a pithy post about the competition that Blob Blogging Wingnut seems to be cranking up with Lily White Rose.

On a
video over at unrepentant old hippie, Lily White goes full metal Ms Hyde as she suggests that women who seek legal abortions should be provided with them in public view, much like Robespierre's political opponents were beheaded in front of mobs during La Terreur.

SUZY ALL-CAPS tries to outdo her in the gynophobia and religious zealotry arena with her gleeful little jig over the plight of women who are impregnated by their rapists. Force them to stay pregnant SHE declares.

Well, isn't that all too Authoritarian and Punitive. One might also wonder if Lily White and BBW aren't getting a little too big in their britches, acting all Gawd-like the way they are.

And sitting in Judgement! Much like that Sergeant, formerly head of the Sexual Offenses Squad of a metropolitan Police Department in BC, whose deliberate negligence and unprofessional conduct likely caused the loss and/or contamination of evidence that would have strengthened the crown attorney's case against Fernando Manuel Alves. His case, or a number of cases that involved women who were allegedly drugged then sexually assaulted.

Isn't it interesting how the misogynist cop and Blob Blogging Wingnut share the same value system?

Which brings us to folks who don't believe that it's women who should be blamed and publicly shamed.
This Good Guy gets it.
When 20 year old Stuart Feltham tried to assault a 26 year old local girl on the Greek island of Crete, she first politely asked him to stop. Like most people, she was not impressed by a drunk British tourist dropping his pants and waving his genitals around. Her requests went unanswered, so she poured a glass of Sambuca on him. Even that wasn't enough for this guy to get the message, and when he continued harassing her, she set fire to the alcohol (and his genitals) - causing severe second degree burns.
If Alves doesn't stop his campaign of sexual terrorism against women, aka serial rape, it would certainly be a shame if in the course of his committing yet another "crime of opportunity" one of his victims accidentally - because of her drugged state - set his penis on fire.


CK said...

This Suzy All-Caps; would that happen to be Suzanne from Big Blue Wave?? If so, I have to say she takes the cake. What a nut job??

After she comments on my page, I basically told her she needs to repeat high school biology. She could probably stand to repeat other high school courses as well.

fern hill said...

Yup, SUZY-ALL-CAPSLOCK is BBW. dBO won't link to HER.

And, yeah, cake. Taken.

deBeauxOs said...

Mmm ... does that mean Blob Blogging Wingnut would be the zygote zealots' Marie Antoinette?

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