Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Break out the champers!

Operation Rescue "completely out of money".
The Wichita-based anti-abortion group Operation Rescue says the recession has dramatically hurt fundraising and as a result it's nearly out of money.

President Troy Newman sent out a plea for help to supporters last night, saying he had to borrow money to pay for the letter. "This is the worst financial crisis we've ever faced," he writes.

Of course, Newman also promises that should OP survive, it's about to launch "the most ambitious and most significant project" in its history.

Go to the link for the whole glurgey, whiney letter.

He says Operation Scumbag may have to close.

And he blames it on the recession?

I'd venture the truth is that many, many of his former supporters came to their senses suddenly and realized exactly what their hard-earned dough was paying for.

Domestic terrorism.

Maybe enabling the assassination of Dr George Tiller wasn't such a shit-hot idea, eh, Troy?


jj said...

Newman makes something on the order of $58k/annum -- I wonder if he'll start doing his "work" on a volunteer basis? Or at least take a huge salary cut? For Teh Beebees, ya know.

Has he laid off some of his more troublesome staff, like Cheryl Clinicbomber Sullenger? Surely her salary can't be worth the price with all the trouble she brought on them by helping Scott Roeder stalk Dr. Tiller.

My fingers are crossed.

deBeauxOs said...

... "the most ambitious and most significant project" in its history?

Sounds ominous, in that what-greater-stupidity-can-they-possibly-wreak way that Operation Scumbaggers have.

Kelseigh said...

Given that church donations tend to be highest per capita in depressed areas, I don't buy that people tightening their belts slows down the money that much.

Cliff said...

"the most ambitious and most significant project" in its history"

Sounds like one of those audio tapes bin Laden puts out...

k'in said...

The wingnut had to "borrow money to pay for the paper"...?...boo fucking hoo...

Yet he expects every woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy to have the spare cash on hand to support a dependant for the next twenty years???

fern hill said...

Ha, it does, Cliff. Similar psychological pathology, perhaps?

fern hill said...

k'in, well, you know, logic and consistency have never been strong points with the fetus fetishists.

I second that 'boo fucking hoo'.

choice joyce said...

The OR project is probably their new campaign against Dr. Leroy Carhart of Nebraska. He's the new target, now that they've killed off George.

Also check out this jaw-dropping preview of a novel, "The Lonesome Death of George Tiller: Preface and Excerpt": http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/9/14/134741/811. The premise? that OR orchestrated George's murder and paid Scott Roeder to do it. Sure has the ring of truth! If I've learned anything over the last 20 years of pro-choice activism, radical anti-choicers are a bunch of "lying liars lying their lies" (to steal a cute phrase from HER).

Bina said...

Yay Operation Re-Skew! Go for broke!

Oh wait, you already are?


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