Monday, 24 August 2009

It couldn't be any plainer. . .

. . . than this.
Abortion trauma syndrome is a fabricated mental disorder conceived by anti-abortion activists to advance their cause and is not a scientifically based psychiatric disorder.

Me, I'm bookmarking this report so it's handy when the fetus fetishists prattle about 'post-abortion syndrome'. It's convincing and fairly short.

UPDATE: We are all well aware of the zygote zealots' disregard for logic, facts, consistency, you know, the stuff associated with cogent arguments. But they have a major problem with consistency in their view of the medical profession.

Here's LifeShite's reaction to the reiteration of APA's call of bullshit on 'abortion trauma syndrome: American Psychiatric Association Continues Denying Abortion's Mental Health Risks.

Now, why, we ask, would the totally (in their view) venal medical profession deny what according to them is a MASSIVE source of money? The fetus fetishists claim that zillions and zillions of women suffer mental disorders caused by abortion. That's a lot of 50-minute hours.

They are always SHRIEEEEKING about the 'abortion industry', 'killing babies for cash', saying basically that doctors provide abortions solely for the huge payoff. Because, you know, there is NEVER a medical need for abortion, it must be for the money only.

Yet, psychiatrists -- trained MDs -- refuse to acknowledge 'abortion trauma syndrome' just because, well, that's where logic fails. To support their murdering abortion-providing colleagues? Why?

MORE: Go read Antonia Z on this, but mostly to see the amazing Van Gogh drawing and story behind it.

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