Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Is this a classy guy. . .

Or what?
On his own 48th birthday, US President Barack Obama Tuesday turned the spotlight on a reporter also celebrating her special day, who pitched up at the White House in the year he was born.

Obama sang "Happy Birthday" and presented Helen Thomas, the doyenne of the White House press corps, with cupcakes and a single candle to celebrate her 89th birthday, before planting a kiss on her cheek.

The outspoken Thomas, who has covered every president since John F. Kennedy, spoke quietly to Obama, who ignored reporters' shouted questions about his own birthday and ex-president Bill Clinton's mercy mission to North Korea.


deBeauxOs said...

That would be the Helen Thomas that media people in the Bush administration ostracized and treated with great contempt?

I expect that fundamentalist religious rightwingnutter Repulsicans will find a malevolent & derisive way to twist Obama's action.

Why do rightwingnutters hate Black people and the elderly?

fern hill said...

. . . and women.

Gord love Helen Thomas.

Cari said...

She is quite a Lady and He a gentleman..she was a very well liked reporter and everyone treated her with respect..except the Bush bunch.
' Bless her.

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