Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fetus Pr0n Cakes!

I have a gift for SUZY ALL-CAPS: the fetus pr0n cake!

Jen at cakewrecks describes this one with the shadowy silhouette of a belly as 'a headless nudist with a skin condition'. Much more such silliness/creepiness at the link.

Thanks to Hemmingford Dog Blog in the comments at Unrepentant Old Hippie.

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Pseudz said...

Oooo-woo - Fern,

I guess that this would be part of the 'refrrrreshments at a 'Babee Shower' - putting the booties back into 'booty'.

Ya don't suppose there'd be little wax-paper-wrapped surprises baked into the cake, too? An IUD might survive the baking but yer condoms might shrivel.

This looks like a fiendishly well conceived example of aversion therapy - - for both schtuppingg AND eating fattening foods.

"OO, oo . . . I want the piece with his little tadpole tail" sez some weird auntie that you only see at showers and funerals.


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