Thursday, 2 July 2009

Deputy Sheriff Pepper Sprays "Threatening" Lesbians.

A San Diego deputy sheriff's actions are under investigation after he allegedly assaulted and injured two Encinitas resident and pepper-sprayed guests at a backyard fundraiser.

The investigation into the disruption of a Francine Busby political fundraiser, which resulted in the arrests of two of her supporters at a house in Encinitas, has been turned over to the District Attorney's Office. ... Those who attended said a heckler shouted obscenities and derogatory comments from behind bushes during a brief talk by Busby. No one seems to know who the heckler was or whether it was the same person who made the noise complaint. ...

About 9:30 p.m., sheriff's deputy Marshall G. Abbott arrived in response to the noise complaint. Abbott walked into the house and asked Barman, the host, for her date of birth for his report, according to statements by witnesses and Sheriff's Department officials.

In a statement, Barman said she questioned Abbott about why he needed her date of birth, and Abbott twisted her arm behind her back and dropped her to the ground. Barman said her partner, Jane Stratton, 55, also was knocked down by Abbott when she told him to be careful because Barman had recently undergone shoulder surgery.

Abbott used pepper spray because he felt threatened when guests at the party surrounded him and tried to free Barman, a Sheriff's Department spokesman said. Barman, Busby and others at the party described Abbott as being “out of control” and said that he indiscriminately used pepper spray on people trying to talk to him.

The event ended in chaos. ... A sergeant, six deputies including a canine unit, a helicopter and a firetruck responded to Abbott's call for backup.

Perhaps Abbott was feeling a little anxious because he believes everything Pat Robertson says about lesbians?

More information here. Should we thank gawd that Abbott was not armed with a Taser?


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these sheriff's violated the US constitution up down and sideways and it MUST stop. People are wimps these days and need to stand up. These victums need to sue the heck out of the department and have the officers badge taken away. ENOUGH POLICE ABUSE. Brown v Texas is VERY clear about ID not being needed if there is no criminal activity. These Cop Nazzis need to be held accountable and brought to justice for ABUSE OF POLICE POWERS and violation of the law.

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