Thursday, 18 June 2009

Two Good Moves

Good Move 1
In New York an assemblymember (that's apparently what they call them) is calling for enhanced penalties for crimes against the reproductive health care community. He is joined in this effort by Lynne Slepian, widow of the last doctor assassinated before Dr Tiller, Dr Barnett Slepian.
"Abortion is safe and legal, and no one providing, seeking or supporting abortion services should be in the line of fire," said FPA [Family Planning Associates, another supporter of the legislation] President and CEO M. Tracey Brooks. "This law will be a strong deterrent to these extremists, and we are so appreciative to Assemblymember Hoyt for spearheading this effort."

The reproductive health care community in New York and nationwide reports an increase in the number of protestors who engage in threatening behavior or violent rhetoric. "Violent protestors should stand up and take notice," Brooks warned. "If you injure a reproductive health care professional, staff, volunteer or patient in New York, you're going to face strong, felony penalties."

Lynne Slepian said:
"I had hoped my husband's killing would be the last over the issue of reproductive choice, but I now see this fight continues," she said. "Violent offenders need to know they will go to jail for a long time if they target the reproductive health care community in New York State."

Dr Slepian's murderer, James Kopp, has been in the news recently, once when his appeal was rejected and again when the Ontario Provincial Police inexplicably announced it would not be pursuing the case against Kopp for the attempted murder of Dr Hugh Short.

Good Move 2.
We move back home for the second good move.

The Supreme Court of Canada
will not listen to a fetus fetishist's 'free speech' argument.
Donald David Spratt had hoped to convince the top court that a law restricting protests in front of abortion clinics is unconstitutional. The high court offered no reasons for dismissing the challenge - the usual practice for the many cases it is asked to consider.

Its decision upholds the Access to Abortion Services Act which makes it a crime to protest or interfere with a patient or doctor within a clinic’s so-called "bubble zone."

Spratt was convicted after standing in front of a Vancouver clinic in 1998 with a large wooden cross and a sign that said "You shall not murder."

The BC law that created the bubble zone restriction was put into place after Dr Garson Romalis was shot by a sniper, as were both Drs. Slepian and Short. Kopp is suspected in this crime also.

There is much more to be done to stop the anti-abortion terrorists and their enablers. But this is a pretty good day.

MORE: Those prowoman women note the Supreme Court's decision in a post titled 'Silent Sneer'. Then they engage in a little less-than-silent sneering by saying that by not giving a reason for dismissing the Christer's whinging the Court 'does not look very smart'. My turn to :sneer:


Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court doesn't have to give a reason for refusing to hear a case, and I think it usually doesn't. This fact will not stop the antis from making something out of nothing though.

fern hill said...

Anonymous: Yes, I know that. You know that. But ignoramuses who want to tell women what they are allowed to do DON'T know.

deBeauxOs said...

Funny isn't it? At their "crisis pregnancy centres" they won't and don't tell women about contraception and abortion, or what they do tell are lies.

And their knickers are in knots because they don't know why their case was refused?


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