Sunday, 21 June 2009


Man, but those fetus fetishists lurve themselves some martyrdom. Two days after his inalienable right to screech at clinic workers and patients appeal was dismissed by the Supreme Court, Donald David Spratt got himself arrested for the same breach of law in the same place.
Charges have now been laid against two people accused of protesting Friday outside of a Vancouver abortion clinic — and police have confirmed one of those charged is the same man who lost an appeal late last week of his jail sentence for protesting outside the same clinic in 1998.

Vancouver police announced late Saturday charges of protesting in an abortion access zone have been laid against Cecilia von Dehn, 72, and Donald David Spratt, 58. The pair were arrested outside of the Every Woman’s Health Clinic on Friday.

Spratt was arrested outside the same East Vancouver clinic in 1998 while he was carrying a large wooden cross and a sign that said “You shall not murder.” He was convicted under the B.C. “bubble zone” legislation and sentenced to 30 days in jail. Spratt has been fighting the law in the courts ever since.

And to make sure everyone is aware of his supreme sacrifice to the cause of harassing women, he 'fired off' a press release:
“The Supreme Court of Canada today announced it has denied British Columbian Don Spratt’s application to appeal his conviction and 30-day sentence for breaking B.C.’s infamous ‘bubble zone’ law,” Spratt stated. “It’s now official . . . socially conservative human rights advocates, using only speech to defend innocent and defenceless pre-born babies, can be sent off to prison.”

Smug, sanctimonious prick. Throw his martyr's ass in the pokey.

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