Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Don't like the term Christofascism?

Go complain to David Frum, Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kate MacMillan and the dredges of the rightwing neocon pundit wannabeez.

They popularized the term Islamofascism, used it feverishly and created a conceptual meme that fits the trash talk spewed by fundamentalist religious christian ideologues who use similar violent rhetoric and tactics.

A flood of comments and emails followed the publication of Antonia Zerbisias'
Doctor's killing is domestic terrorism . Only 50 or so - the coherent and rational ones - have been published; the rejected ones are likely exemplars of the usual shrieeeking, vile trash talk.

Go read the column and leave a comment - a quiet, sane and well-informed counterpoint to the predictable accusations that this is more proof that christians are being perseeecuted!!!

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Dave said...

Unfortunately, comments have been closed on that article. I'm pretty sure Zerb was prepared for an onslaught of vile right-wing sewage on this one.

The thing is, not one of those comments is from an actual "Christian". In my short time as an attendee in Christian precincts, they didn't teach me any of that stuff. They kept telling me the exact opposite. I don't care if they wear a Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Presbyterian or Rastifarian membership badge, if they leave that kind of comment, they are not a true Christian.

Christofascists? Yup. Terrorists and terrorist enablers? Yup. That makes them political and when the "church" gets political, things get dangerous.

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