Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Clueless in Kansas

Remember when the Ottawa Senators organization cluelessly got itself involved with the fetus fetishists and it didn't go too well for them? (Summary and linkies here.)

They now have company. The Kansas -- oooo, Kansas again -- City Royals have stepped in the pro-lie doo-doo.

And it's not going too well for them either.
“Come cheer on the Royals as they play the St. Louis Cardinals and support the Missouri Right to Life,” read a blurb that was up on the team’s Web site promoting this Friday’s game at Kauffman Stadium.

Some people said to selves: WTF? Then they asked the Royals organization. The blurb was removed and the story emerged.
Like any number of other groups, Missouri Right to Life arranged with the ticket office to reserve a block of seats for their members to sit together.
. . .
But here’s the kicker. About 10,000 of the stadium’s 38,000 seats were sold to groups for Friday’s game. Missouri Right to Life’s share: 50.

So how did that one group out of hundreds rate mention on the Royals Web site?

“I think someone at the Royals organization was just clueless and miscalculated the potential impact it could have,” Brownlie [Planned Parenthood spokesperson] said.

Yup, clueless. Especially timing-wise. Especially location-wise.

But typical of the pro-liars and their supporters. Clueless.

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