Wednesday, 10 June 2009

BREAKING: Two Shot at Holocaust Museum

Further madness in USA. From Washington, DC:
An elderly man walked into the Holocaust Museum, one of the capital’s most-visited sites, shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday and opened fire with a shoulder weapon or pistol, wounding a security guard before being shot himself, officials said.

The gunman was identified by several news agencies as James W. von Brunn, a man in his late 80s. According to a Web site maintained by Mr. von Brunn, he embraces a far-reaching conspiracy theory involving Jews, blacks and other minority groups. Early reports indicated that he lives in eastern Maryland.

However, the Washington police chief, Cathy Lanier, said the identity of the gunman had not been confirmed.

The haters have been primed by the Tea Partiers, the Rethugnicans, and mostly by the far right wing media. And now they're going off.

ADDED: This looks pretty damned prescient now, doesn't it?

UPDATE: The guard has died.

REACTION: Does this sound familiar? What are white supremacists saying?


The Duck Man said...

But but but... the right wing always says that people who are part of special organizations and collect guns are the most sane and gentle individuals! Pillars of the community who always practice safety!

Sorry, I can't keep up the mock innocence. I just threw up on my keyboard and got a headache from trying to bring myself down to their level of thinking. I swear you need brain damage to do it.

Anonymous said...

So you insinuate that Fox News, the Tea Parties, and the Republican party foment anti-Semitism. First I've heard of it.

fern hill said...

They foment racism. They foment hate. They characterize President Obama as a Muslim, as a socialist, as a communist, as a black radical. And, oh look, he's black.

The asshole who shot up the Holocaust Museum had a hate on for both Jews and blacks. So, go to Washington, 500 metres from the White House, and shoot up the Holocaust Museum. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

You had a point when presenting a continuum among mainstream pro-life, militant pro-life, and the Scott Roeders of the world. However, I think you're over-reaching here. White supremacy has no equivalent "mainstream" support in right-wing media, political parties, or political movements (tea parties).

While white supremacism has some parallel goals to the Right (freedom of speech, reduced immigration), it also has as many shared ends as the Left (protectionism, planned economy). Nazi means National Socialism, after all.

And criticism of politicians for everything but immutable characteristics (race) is fair game, not hatred.

The Duck Man said...

There is a subtle difference between 'Criticism' and 'outright fucking LYING', SF.

Also, I'd love to see the vote count done by the White Supremacists... Ten bucks says you won't find a single vote of their that went anywhere near the left.

Frank Frink said...

Ummm.... since when is 'protectionism' a hallmark of the left? Trust you will find protectionists on both sides of the aisle.

Double ummmm... Nazi may have meant (i.e. stood for as a contraction) National Socialism but it's pronounced fascism, which is an ideology of the right.

You lose any and all credibility with such sad, feeble, pants-wetting attempt at historical revisionism (i.e.) Nazis = left. After all, who was fighting the German Nazi-backed fascists in Spain. Hint: It most definitely wasn't 'the right'.

Frackin' troll.

Anonymous said...

There is a subtle difference between 'Criticism' and 'outright f**king LYING', SF.

So the stories about Palin faking her pregnancy were all "legitimate criticism", right? Hyperbole (and sometimes outright lying) is liberally used by both sides in the criticism of political opponents; get used to it. (Soldiers with guns... in our cities... in Canada... we did not make this up)

...fascism, which is an ideology of the right.

Funny. I think most will agree that fascism transcends the right/left continuum. Many, including Hayek, point out that fascism has more in common with socialism for its desire for state control of everything.

The fact is that most racists, when in a minority, will vote for a party of free speech so that they won't be criminalized.

Using your argument, I guess criminality is a hallmark of the Left, since most criminals vote for lenient sentences.

Frank Frink said...

Have a source for your 'fact'? Or are you just blowing troll smoke out of your troll ass again?

Fascism is an authoritarian ideology. That element, authoritarianism, indeed does transcends the left/right continuum. But economically it is corporatist - promotion of the interests of private corporations in government over the interests of the public. Really, is that what the left believes? The interests of private corporations over those of the public?

Remind you again. Who on the left/right continuum has always fought against the fascists? Hint: it wasn't the right.

Re: 'Nazi means National Socialism, after all.'
Ah, so the label given literally describes the thing. OK, using your logic East Germany literally was the 'Deutsche Demokratische Republik' and North Korea is, without a doubt, literally the 'Democratic People's Republic of Korea'. Yep, both true, literal democracies.

In light of that can you give the faulty logic a rest?

Your other argument would have made infinitely more sense if you had addressed the original topic - Nazis as fascists - by stating "The fact is that most fascists, when in a minority, will vote for a party of free speech so that they won't be criminalized."

Since I sincerely don't believe you are stupid, I am only left with the conclusion that you are simply being dishonest. Which is trollish.

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