Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Anti-Abortion Terrorism FAIL

I disagree with my esteemed sister bloggers JJ and pale.

The pro-lie terrorists/Nazis have won nothing with the announcement by Dr George Tiller's family that the clinic will not reopen.

Yes, the evil ghouls will celebrate, albeit mutedly. (They've begun. I won't link. You know where to look.)

And yes, a chill will run through the community of reproductive healthcare providers.

And yes, more dough will be spent on security and guards and cameras and walls and bullet-proof vests -- dough that is badly needed elsewhere.

And yes, in the short-term, desperately distressed women and their families will travel further and spend more and suffer more.

But more important than all that is the fact that the pious, prayerful, sanctimonious mask has been FOREVER ripped off the lying liars who would oppress women.

The terrorists have not won. They have been exposed.

Even the damn msm has recognized them for what they are.

Good people have been galvanized. Many are donating to the George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund.

Reproductive healthcare workers have set up I am Dr Tiller in defiance and in commitment to the cause.

Women who have faced the awful situations that Dr Tiller and doctors like him helped them through created A Heartbreaking Choice to tell the truth.

Commitment will win. Truth will win. Human rights will win.


Pale said...

I didnt say they had won the war.

But this battle, ya.

fern hill said...

War-winning for the good guys. Us.

jj said...

fern hill - That's what I was saying -- that's why I added the cartoon with the anti-abortion movement as "collateral damage".

In the simplest terms possible, the clinic closure is a win for them -- after all, they've been trying to close that cllinic for decades. So when it closes, directly because of their terrorism, it's a win for them (and a loss for women who need those services). So in that way, the terrorists won.

But as pale says, it's only one battle in a huge war that they're losing badly, and after this, have probably lost forever.

I'm not saying "they won" as in "they won the war". Ha! That's a laugh.

fern hill said...

JJ: We're all good then. And, yeah, I like that cartoon.

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