Thursday, 21 May 2009

You can check out any time you want

... but you can never leave. Yes, this post is about f***ing Facebook and its continued flouting of privacy regulations.
User photographs can still be found on many social networking sites even after people have deleted them, Cambridge University researchers have said. They put photos on 16 popular websites - noting the web addresses where the images were stored - and deleted them. The team said it was able to find them on seven sites - including Facebook - using the direct addresses, even after the photos appeared to have gone.
Facebook claims that photos deleted by its subscribers are removed from its servers immediately.
To perform their experiment, the researchers uploaded photos to each of the sites, then deleted them, but kept a note of direct URLs to the photos from the sites' content delivery networks. When they checked 30 days later, these links continued to work for seven of the sites even though a typical user might think the photos had been removed. [O]ne of the PhD students who carried out the study, said: "This demonstrates how social networking sites often take a lazy approach to user privacy, doing what's simpler rather than what is correct."
Last year, when Facebook attempted to change the terms of use, subscribers objected and some even sought legal recourse.

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