Saturday, 30 May 2009

Too delicious to hide away.

Over at Dawg's Blawg, a lively discussion about pedophile priests in the comment box here, Christ 1; Church 0, has moved on and spilled over into this more recent one - Organized religion and child abuse, Part 3. The neo-con blogger known as Raphael 'Ruffles' Alexander who has achieved minor recognition for the shallowness of his knowledge as well as for his propensity for non sequiturs, misogyny and xenophobia offered the following nugget:

"The biggest obstacle I see to child abuse being cleansed in the Roman Catholic Church is liberal reforms that allow priests to marry, and becoming more accountable and responsive to allegations of abuse from those priests."
Huh? Child abuse can be "cleansed"? WTF does that even mean? And what's that about "liberal reforms" being the "biggest obstacle"? And whatever the point of that incoherent statement is, does it even begin to address the MASSIVE campaigns of sexual terror waged by serial pedophile priests such as Charles Sylvestre?

Nonetheless, Peter - a frequent commenter at Dr Dawg's - had a witty rejoinder to Ruffles:
"Yes, Raphael, we defenders of traditional marriage often argue that it's good for children, but I don't recall ever seeing that particular angle. I don't know if you are married, but if you are, do you silently thank your wife on your anniversary for helping to save the neighbourhood kiddies from you?"
That exchange was simply too delicious to leave tucked away in a combox.

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