Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Palling around with terrorists

For undisclosed reasons, the OPP will not pursue charges against convicted murderer and domestic terrorist James Kopp.
James Kopp, serving a life sentence for killing a U.S. doctor who performed abortions, will not face charges in the attempted murder of an Ancaster physician, the OPP say.

"Following consultation with the Hamilton Crown Attorney's office on the evidence relating to the attempted murder of Dr. Hugh Short, the Ontario Provincial Police and Hamilton Police Service joint investigation team has decided not to proceed with charges at this time," according to a press release.

Short was shot and wounded by a sniper in his Ancaster home in November 1995.

Check out Kopp's story and Canadian links.
Meanwhile, Kopp continues to be the main suspect in three non-fatal shootings of Canadian doctors: Dr. Garson Romalis in Vancouver (1994), Dr. Hugh Short in Hamilton (1995), and Dr. Jack Fainman in Winnipeg (1997). He was charged in the Hamilton shooting after DNA evidence was found at the scene that matched Kopp's hairs. Kopp is also a suspect in a fourth non-fatal shooting in Rochester, New York—Dr. David Gandell (1997). All five victims, including Dr. Slepian, were shot through a window of their home by a sniper hiding behind the house, armed with an assault rifle.

The cops have Kopp's DNA from the Ancaster scene? And they're not pursuing the case? WTF?

Sure, I understand that Kopp will die in prison in the US, but he likely shot three Canadian doctors. And we don't seem to care about proving this? Finding out who helped him in Canada?

Me, I wanna know who Kopp was palling around with in Canada.


Cliff said...

Kopp's actions were part of why BC passed it's bubble law for abortion clinics. I've always found it it interesting when the Right rant about the terrible threat of terrorism, and then after minimal parsing it becomes crystal clear that the only terrorism they are talking about is brown.

fern hill said...

I didn't know that BC has a bubble law. I like the title of your post, Cliff. :)

Cliff said...

It seemed to fit. : )

Cliff said...

Just noticed that the link in that old post is out of date - here's a working one.

deBeauxOs said...

Excellent title!

Hold on, we read you and you're not listed on our sidebar?!?!? Gotta fix that tout de suite.

Cliff said...

I'd consider it an honor.

choice joyce said...

It's disappointing, but not surprising. I spent years chasing this story and bugging the police. It was hopeless. After I wrote the articles linked above (Canadian links) I decided to wash my hands of the whole thing, there was nothing more to find out.

I can tell you that, personally, I'm totally convinced that Kopp is guilty of all the Canadian shootings. I know of some evidence that was never used or released by police, although unfortunately I can't talk about it to this day.

fern hill said...

Yeah, Joyce. Sniper shots. At home. There might have been more than one shooter but it's a streeeetch, innit? I say again: I want Kopp's Canadian connections investigated.

choice joyce said...

In retrospect, I believe Loretta Marra probably helped him. Maybe she was even here with him for the Romalis shooting in 94, based simply on the fact that it was her car that crossed the border. But this case has no priority with the police anymore so I don't think we'll ever know.

deBeauxOs said...

Loretta Marra - what a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

My name is Jack Steele. I am the informant who helped police solve the James Kopp case.

I provided the tip that led to the arrest and conviction of James Kopp, who shot three Canadian doctors before shooting and killing an American doctor. Kopp is an anti-abortion fanatic who targeted the doctors because they were performing abortions.

A Canadian police task force put up a reward of $547,000 for information leading to Kopp’s arrest and conviction. I provided that information, which the FBI has acknowledged. (The FBI paid me their part of the reward already.) But today the Canadian police task force refuses to pay me the promised reward money. The FBI has written two letters protesting this injustice.

I’ve created a website to make people aware of what’s happened:

I hope you’ll publicize my website. The actions of the Canadian police are bound to have a chilling effect on other tipsters in criminal cases, and sends a horrible message to other people who would do harm to abortion providers in Canada and the US.

--Jack Steele

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