Thursday, 14 May 2009

March for Forced Pregnancy Day

Well, today's the Big Day! The day hundreds of Catlick school kids get the day off to be bussed to Parliament Hill* to the annual wank-fest known as March for Forced Pregnancy.

Afterwards, they'll bitch about how the mainstream media totally ignores them. Oh. Wait. Michael Coren is already bitching about how the mainstream media is totally ignoring them.



A headline writer at the Globe must not have got the memo. The headline reads: 'Forty Years Later, Debate Rages On'.

So. Is there a debate or not? One commenter there thinks not. Quoting numbers from the article:
shoshana berman from Canada writes: So 92% of Canadians SUPPORT abortion with 2% having no oppinion, so lets call that 94% ok with abortion and you think, "Debate Rages On?" 5% is a wimper or a tiny moan from the lunatic fringe, not a raging debate. There is no debate.

I'm with shoshana. But I'd put it a little more strongly.

Meanwhile, there are pro-choice rallies today in Montreal and Winnipeg. Fittingly, the Winnipeg rally will be held outside a fake pregnancy clinic, aka lying liars lying for baybees a Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

*Heh. I just checked the weather for Ottawa. I hope the Catlick kids bring their brollies. And somebody should check and make sure that pesky Canada wordmark doesn't sneak back onto their banners.


deBeauxOs said...

Hiya. Great minds and all that ...

fern hill said...

Indeed. It's an important date to mark.

(It rained hard here overnight and this morning. Ottawa often gets our weather a few hours later. If I were a prayin' woman. . . )

RevDave said...

I was planning to be there to check for the wordmark but have to be at the airport at 2 p.m. I hope someone else with a critical eye will go, however.

As of now (11:10) it's raining on my roof, across the river from Parliament Hill. Maybe it'll stick around for the show.

sassy said...

Yes, it's raining and a little breezy (blow your banner in your face breezy)

deBeauxOs said...

A couple of lightning bolts would liven things up, for sure. Just saying.

Mike said...

Shoshana used to be a big Liblogger...good for her.

PS, looking out my window...its pouring.


fern hill said...

Mike: that meanie dBO is hankering for lightning. Any signs of that? ;)

RevDave said...

An update: Drove past the parade on my way south through the city and spotted the wordmark on their French banner. Couldn't see the English one but I assume they're the same.

RevDave said...

Sorry for double posting... meant to say "think I" spotted the wordmark.

Will have to wait for pictures for confirmation.

Beijing York said...

The "parade" went down my street and I would say it was 3 blocks long with an average of 3.5 persons deep. 50% of the anti-abortionists marching were kids between the ages of infant to adolescent. There were few placards and only a couple of banners (but no government wordmark).

Anonymous said...
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