Wednesday, 20 May 2009

His Poopiness Will Hate This

It's still early days but this looks very promising for women's health -- combined contraception and protection against HIV, controlled by women.
Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College have published results showing that a new contraceptive device may also effectively block the transmission of the HIV virus. Findings show that the device prevents infection by the HIV virus in laboratory testing. The promising results are published in the most recent issue of the journal AIDS.

The new device is a vaginal ring that releases multiple types of non-hormonal agents and microbicides, which would prevent conception as well as sexually transmitted HIV infection.

What a boon this would be for sex workers and women in high-HIV areas in Asia and Africa. I hope it will be cheap too.

And I wonder how long it will take before His Poopiness declares that this too, like condoms, helps spread AIDS.


sassy said...

Science can truly do amazing things at times (for those who believe in it)

deBeauxOs said...

Let me check the ways the pope will hate this:

Puts women in control of reproductive health and choices - check!

Prevents pregnancy - check!

Does not punish women for their sexual behaviour - check!

Makes women less vulnerable to men's violence - check!

Saves women's lives - check!

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