Monday 25 May 2009

Giddy-up Cowboy Zombies!

Dr Dawg's got your number.

Also known as better the devil you know - the one with a gold lamé dress on.

Meanwhile, over at Blob Blogging Wingnut's House of Constant Shrieeeking and Fetus Porn, news of the unborn, the undead, the halfborn, the halfdead, the pre-born, the post-dead and the brain-sucking have been greatly exagerated hyperbolated grandiloquized reported, no?

Scathingly wrong rightwingnutz polemic, propaganda and glurge - as JJ often observes at unrepentant old hippie - is the stuff of some bizarroid alternate universe, material you couldn't even begin to invent unless you were afflicted with the same religious zealot disorder. When even David Frum recoils from the insanity, you have to wonder.


fern hill said...

SHE's melting down, isn't SHE? Maybe the cognitive dissonance is getting even to HER. I mean, who woulda thunk David Frum would recognize the insanity of his party?

Is it very bad of me to gloat?

deBeauxOs said...

Ba-a-a-a-ad to the bone!!!


deBeauxOs said...

By the way, what is up with the creepy-glurge pix at Blob Blogging Wingnut? That photo with the miscarried fetus, flowers, strategically placed teddy bear + Mel Gibson look-alike Jayzus all laid out on crib blanket ....

fern hill said...

Ewww. I hadn't really looked at that. Fetus fetishists sure love their dead fetuses.

Lindsay Stewart said...

nothing in those pope-tacular pics an angry taxidermist couldn't fix

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