Thursday, 23 April 2009

You Go, Kathleeen

Sebelius vetoes another sneaky attempt to recriminalize abortion.
Sebelius said the bill would not have reduced abortions and would likely be unconstitutional.

“The provisions in this bill that would allow for the criminal prosecution of a physician intending to comply with the law will lead to the intimidation of health care providers and reduce access to comprehensive health care for women, even when it is necessary to preserve their lives and health,” she wrote in a statement announcing the veto.

“While I agree that we should try to reduce the number of abortions, it cannot be at the increased risk to the life or health of women.”

Here’s more from Sebelius’ statement:

“As Governor of Kansas, I have worked hard to reduce abortions by supporting a range of initiatives including adoption incentives, encouraging parental involvement and individual responsibility for young men and women, expanding health services for Kansas children, promoting access to affordable contraceptives, expanded maternal and infant health services and promotional efforts, providing funds for proven successful pregnancy maintenance programs and encouraging age-appropriate sex education.

“These efforts have resulted in reducing the number of abortions by more than 10% in the last six years in Kansas. I am confident that with a more united effort to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, combined with creating conditions that provide support and assistance for mothers and their babies, we will have even greater success reducing abortions in our state.”

And, as JJ reports, the Rethugnicans are stamping their tiny feet and delaying Sebelius's inevitable confirmation as HHS secretary.

Pro-choice WIN.

ARGGG! I've been mispledding Governor Sebelius's name! I got some editing to do.

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