Thursday 23 April 2009

What Gigi Said

SHE has a post about this:
A California couple signed adoption papers Monday, April 20, 2009, so the husband could adopt his wife’s two previously aborted children and give them his last name. It may be the first such posthumous adoption of an aborted child.
. . .
Stoddart said that it wasn’t possible to do an adoption in the eyes of the law because there was no birth certificate for the aborted children, no legal acknowledgement that they ever existed. But it would be possible for Stan and Lisa to a ceremonial adoption, to sign paperwork with each other that reflected their desire for the adoption to take place and their desire to honor the personhood of the two children Lisa had briefly parented. Before each other, before God, and before witnesses, they would be embracing the children as a part of their marriage.

To which regular BBW commenter but otherwise perfectly sane person Gigi replied:
Is there no depth of the creepy weirdness to which you pro-lifers WON'T sink?

UPPITY-DATE: Of course, SHE has more to say on this.

MORE UPPITY-DATE: The gals at Prowomanprolife can't decide whether it's creepy or sweet. SHE weighs in, of course. Moi, I'm giggling.


Mike said...

How can one have a birth certificate if one has not been born?

They are indeed creepy and this only further proves Balbulican's point about their truly is a mental condition, isn't it?

deBeauxOs said...

Yeah, it's called religious zealotry disorder™ and we wrote about it here.

Faux-News is all over this story - the appeal to its demographics is obvious. Expect Rush Limbaugh to be on top of this glurge any day now.

fern hill said...

Yeesh. Faux News is on it? The source SHE linked to is some weird little FF outfit I'd never seen before.

Verrrry twisted people.

deBeauxOs said...

It's almost predictable by now that creepy rightwingnutter foetishist weirdness first mentioned on obscure abortion-criminalizing websites will become a mainstream "news" item on Faux.

sassy said... the husband could adopt his wife’s two previously aborted children and give them his last nameFodder for a California version of Borat (at best)

deBeauxOs said...

Yeesh. Blob Blogging Wingnut has gone all Joe McCarthy and is now flogging her high-horse in a massive display of SAINTE-NITOUCHERIE.

In HER next chapter, feminists and progressives will stand accused of being maoists.

Beijing York said...

Sheesh, this is just as absurd as the matchbook burials but with a patriarchal twist. Despite what SHE says, this seems like political posturing in those gawd darn culture wars. Seriously, do people even do posthumous adoptions of children?

deBeauxOs said...

If couples do consider posthumous adoptions of children, it's probably not an attention-seeking, media-pimping tactic to play up fundamentalist religious ideology.

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