Friday, 17 April 2009

Out of the mouth of the Con-adjusted.

Via Canadian Cynic, we learn of Stephen Taylor's disingenuous deconstruction of the attack ads campaign the HarperCons initiated to discredit Stéphane Dion.

When Stephane Dion was leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservatives did their best to define the man and then allowed that definition to shine through the Conservative-adjusted lenses of the news media and electorate.

Now there's a pile of verbosity that could be summed up in fewer words: spin, disinformation and malevolence.

Chutzpah's just another word for an expression we use in francophone Canada - "Du front tout l'tour d'la tête" - coming and going. Especially going.

Only time can tell when the accumulated arrogance, smug narcissism and authoritarism will spell out another word: hubris.

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