Saturday, 4 April 2009

North Dakota: Grown-Ups in Charge

There are several 'personhood' initiatives at various stages in various US state legislatures. Fetus fetishists want to use a religious -- as opposed to accepted medical -- definition of pregnancy and to create rights for a two-celled blastocyte.

While the measure passed the House in North Dakota, the Senate is obviously saner.
Senators voted 29-16 Friday to reject legislation that sought to define as a human being "any organism with the genome of homo sapiens." The "personhood" status would include a developing embryo from the moment of conception, whether inside or outside the womb.

Hmmm. 29 to 16. Pretty convincing majority of normal people, eh?

Yeah, well, we know they will never give up. Blob Blogging Wingnut said of the 'personhood' initiatives:
It's only a matter of time before the equality of all human beings is recognized. Get used to it.

Um. No. YOU get used to having grown-ups in charge.


deBeauxOs said...

pssst, fern hill - it looks like Blob Blogging Wingnut is doing a SandyCruxifiction on us.

SHE goes on a shrieeek about our blogposts, deliberately ignoring the fact that the Vatican is known for cherry picking and spinning scientific facts when it suits the religious doctrine du jour. In fact the Catholic Church would launch another Inquisition against the scientists who dared suggest that the Pope was talking through his silk-robed ass on the topic of AIDS virus propagation, if it held the power it once had back in medieval times.

But then, I spotted this gem of HERS: "And while these feminists are overjoyed that the "grown ups" are in charge, these "grown ups" passed two bills to allow women to see their ultrasounds in an abortion clinic, and be informed of the fact that abortion ends a human life."

The bills in question force women requesting a medical intervention to be subjected and ultrasound, force them to view it and force them to hear religious propaganda presented as 'facts'. More twisting of reality to suit HER agenda.

fern hill said...

Yeah, it's a good day when we can both piss HER off into her usual incoherence. :)

Those two other bills are just the usual fetus fetishist mischief. What's telling is that NOBODY is buying fetal rights. Fetal rights will never happen in sane jurisdictions.

Beijing York said...

And so thankful I remain that there are sane people out there to reject these backwards pieces of legislation. Still 29 to 16 is troubling when it should actually be 40 to 5.

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