Thursday, 30 April 2009

Miss Piggy Protests

Swine flu? Every pig to be slaughtered in Egypt? (Okay, that's only 5 but still.)

Moi thinks that the Real Swine in this story is Monsieur Agri Business. You've heard of him, the powerful figure behind the intensive pork mega-factories in North and Central America? Those hog gulags are vile; pigs would not choose to live that way. Ask George Clooney about his long-time companion Max - he was far better groomed than him, not a whisker or bristle out of place.

Moi does not agree with the tactics used by PETA. But Moi supports the premise that we are all animals. Some uprighteous animals have determined that they are Not-Animals and thus Better-Than-Animals.

Moi is an Agnostic. Organized religions follow different doctrines for raising its flocks of Not-Animals but each have their own Monsieur Religious Business. Yet Moi thinks that Islam and Judaism got it right - Pig is Not to be eaten. Never. Ever.

Celebrated, oui! Admired for her fashion sense, oui! Given Hollywood contracts - absolument! Courted and wooed by George? Swoon!
Update: Moi just read Cathie from Canada blogpost - Moi suggests the name Smithfield Flu.

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fern hill said...

Why, Miss Piggy, you look mahvellous in that kick-ass outfit.

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