Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Michael Coren and his own private Christian Taliban.

There's more powerful and insightful writing to read this morning at The Galloping Beaver: The comfort of Michael Coren's cubicle.

Michael Coren's sexism and deeply entrenched derision for women's rights is
on display here. From his opening sentence to to his closing paragraph, he bleats and shrieeeks the standard operating glurge and propaganda that others of his tribe have spewed for centuries.

Canada sacrifices another victim on the altar of equality!!!! ... If captured, of course, such a woman would be repeatedly raped. And tortured. Again, I'm not meant to say this. Not Canadian, not CBC, not Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Not the sort of thing we're supposed to feel, so we pretend that men and women in the army, police and fire service are given the same tests and have to fulfil the same requirements. Yet truth still breaks through. We rightly condemn Islamic extremists in Afghanistan because they treat women so badly. Then we allow one of our own to give her life so that we can congratulate ourselves on how liberal and egalitarian we are, lie about how gender differences don't matter and then encourage our generals and politicians to obscure the truth on television about soldiers and causes.

What hypocrites we have become. Poor, poor Karine -- this is not the way it should have been.

You are the hypocrite Michael Coren. Women are captured, repeatedly raped and tortured every day of the week here in Canada. Young Aboriginal women. Children confined to home and hearth by fundamentalist christian religious doctrine. Girls lured here from Eastern Europe and South-East Asian countries under the guise of employment in the service industry.

But I don't think that offends you so much, does it Michael? Somewhere in that reptilian sub-brain of yours, you believe that fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, priests, ministers, coaches and other men who are entrusted with the well-being of women and girls are blameless if they are tempted into sin. The clients who support the sex industry are men who look, think and act exactly like you, Michael Coren.

Here's the truth about Karine Blais and other women who chose to join the military. They are trained to defend themselves, not as women but as soldiers.

But you and your tribe of Christian Taliban men would much prefer that women remain vulnerable and compliant, happy in the roles that you and Old Boys' Club have determined to be appropriate for them - which is essentially to be available to service the needs of the men who would control their lives.

Dave defended Karine Blais' right to be in a combat position, and her right to be remembered for the pride she took in the choices she made. He is from the tribe of men who truly respect women, not as chattel to male wants, but as autonomous, strong and resourceful human beings and equally responsible team-mates.


Sixth Estate said...

At least he says that women should go to college, I guess.

It didn't take long for the "we're in Afghanistan to save women!" angle to morph into "women should stay home where we can control them better" one, did it?

JoeStone said...

That guy looks an awful lot like the Yellow bastard from Sin City.


deBeauxOs said...

Here's a clickable link to the above.

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