Thursday, 30 April 2009

Hamilton Caves to Lying Liars' Propaganda

The City of Hamilton has been forced to accept abortion criminalizers' propaganda on their transit advertising spots. The text of the banned ads, as with the ones that have now been deemed to meet the guidelines set by the Advertising Standards Canada imply that no medical reason is needed for third trimester abortions to be performed by health care practitioners in hospitals and clinics. This is a lie. Case histories are taken, discussions take place between patients and physicians. Medical interventions are documented, health care regulations are observed. Contrary to what is suggested by the adverts, the termination of a pregnancy in its third trimester is taken quite seriously.
After receiving complaints last year, the industry council ruled that Right to Life ads denouncing abortions in the third trimester, which ran nationally, were misleading. Slaman said three new versions of the ads have all been approved by the industry council.

He said the city and Hamilton Right to Life were in mediation with the human rights commission a couple of months ago, but the group did not want to drop its complaint until satisfied that its posters would not be yanked down again.

"We would have liked an apology or, perhaps, a bit of an acknowledgement from the city that it was wrong ... but nobody has been willing to this point to do nything like that," Slaman said.
Awww. How about a Pope-styled apology, something like the City of Hamilton experienced sorrow about the anguish its refusal to run the adverts caused. Or something like that.


fern hill said...

I don't understand this. How is the new wording less misleading?

I think you're right, dBO, Hamilton caved.


JJ said...

Nothing a little Krylon won't fix.

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