Monday, 27 April 2009

Fun with Fundy Spam!

Harass your MP with just two clicks of the mouse! Hell, harass all of them!

At the moment the fundies are frothing over May 14, the 40th anniversary of decriminalization of abortion in Canada.

So some genius has come up with a new e-tool (emphasis on tool) that will send an email on a subject of their choosing to every MP.

Here's how it works:
This website is designed to promote wholesome family values in Canada.

It gives Canadians who care about morals and decency a simple, effective, and convenient opportunity to contact Canadian Members of Parliament regarding Bills that have been or are about to be introduced into the House of Commons.

We continually monitor Bills and focus on those that, if made into laws, would have significant moral consequences for Canadians and impact Family values.

We provide an overview of each Bill on the site, and indicate whether Members of Parliament should be urged to vote for or against the Bill.

After selecting a Bill from the drop-down menu of the main page, you will go to the email form.

A drop-down list on the email form page allows you to select one Member of Parliament; if you do not select a Member of Parliament from the drop-down list, your email will automatically be emailed to every Member of Parliament (by default), which we encourage you to do.

You may elect to modify the letter. Shorter letters are typically more convincing and effective.

You may also change the subject line of the email you are sending.However, all emails will be monitored. If your position goes against our position regarding a Bill, your email will not be sent!

Hmmmm. All emails will be monitored. Like, by a real person, with not much of a real life to attend to? It would be a terrible shame to waste that person's time with a bunch of emails 'against their position', wouldn't it?

Well. Wouldn't it?


JJ said...

"Email members of parliament to abolish abortion in Canada"?


What planet are these jackoffs living on? 40 years, douchebags!

sassy said...

tsk tsk ;)

How do I email thee
Let me count the ways

Megan said...

The disclaimer at the bottom says, "All email messages may be monitored for offensive language and those containing such language may be deleted or edited." I think the key word is "may" and that it's a load of crap as when you hit the send button (after rewriting the letter) you get a message saying, "Your letter was sent to 308 Members of Parliament. Thank You and May God Bless You!" It's sad that I'm not wasting anyone's time with editing or deleting my e-mail but I think it's just an automated e-mail system-y thing.

Nonetheless, this was a lovely way to start the day :)

deBeauxOs said...

fern hill - I lurve your evul feminazi mind.

Chrystal Ocean said...


'Course, my email was worded contrary to that site organizers' expectations.

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