Wednesday, 18 March 2009

This is how the Pope's declarations harm women and children.

This needs to be said: the Pope's declarations harm women and children. An African mother who is a practicing Catholic faces the following dilemna: If she requests that her husband use a condom when having conjugal relations, she is going against the Pope's edict, even if she is trying to protect herself and any potential child that she might carry to term from HIV infection. If her husband is a devout Catholic, he may refuse to use a condom.

If this woman decides to not allow sexual intercourse, her husband may beat her, sexually assault her or abandon her and their children. Her priest, if he obeys the Pope's edict, will consider that she sinned.

But if she becomes infected with HIV because she submitted to sex without protection, who will care and take responsibility for her children when she dies of AIDS? The Catholic Church?

Some countries were quick to take action, in response to the Pope's medieval ideology.
Spain said Wednesday it will send one million condoms to Africa to fight the spread of AIDS, one day after Pope Benedict XVI's controversial remarks that they aggravated efforts to battle the disease. "The objective is to advance the prevention of this epidemic, which affects 33 million people all over the world, two-thirds of them in Africa," the health ministry said in a statement. "Condoms have been demonstrated to be a necessary element in prevention policies and an efficient barrier against the virus, according to laboratory studies," it added.
Good for Spain, I hope that other Catholic countries follow its lead in demonstrating compassion for Africans as well as support for medical science.


Pseudz said...

Yo d'Bo,

Here = = there's news of French and German condemnation of benny jacking African women and children (and men) around on his rigid adherence to anachronism. Mild by comparison with the Spanish
stroke - but still . . .

Dja suppose that rigid adherence is sort-of like intellectual fly-paper or more like East River cement-overshoes.

deBeauxOs said...

A pox upon the Pope!

Hmm, now that would make a very attractive and possibly lucrative bumper sticker.

Oooh, fern hill ....?

Beijing York said...

Every once in awhile, my ancestral country does me proud. Their outrage over Iraq was one of them, this is another.

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