Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Where are the feminists?

I started off pissed off, but now I'm sitting here giggling.

JJ the Unrepentant has a blogpost about an evil Iraqi woman. In it, she links to these chuckleheads, with the quote 'Where are the feminists?' I thought she was kidding until I clicked the link.

Indeed, we feminists are somehow to blame for Islam's treatment of women. Or for not speaking up about Islam's treatment of women. Or something.

Curious about other issues on which we feminists were AWOL, I googled 'Where are the feminists?' and got my answer.


I'm not going to put in all the links -- I clicked only on a couple -- but here's a partial list of things we're either to blame for or we're to be taken to task for not doing something about.

Linda Tripp

New England Patriots

Terri Schiavo

Martha Stewart

sex-selective abortion


Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin

Aboriginal women



And I only browsed up to page 5 of search results.

Everybody into the pool! Fill in the blank: Where are the feminists on _________?


Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, sorry you already had Marty on the list. How about gang rape jihad?

fern hill said...

Of course, Marty (is that her nickname? we're not that close) is on the list. We are totally responsible for her and/or we are totally not doing enough about her.

deBeauxOs said...

Wall Street. Someone, somewhere, sometime in the 1960s burned a bra in the general vicinity of Wall Street; it cast a gigantic curse/hex on it.

Plus Martha Stewart worked on Wall Street. So there. It's a plot.

Git ur tin foil out.

Beijing York said...

Monica Lewinsky

Antonia Z said...

The Taliban.
Stoning of women.
Child porn.

JJ said...

Genital mutilation
honour killings
the one-child policy in China

Where are the feminists?!?? Wheeerrrrreee!!!???

JimBobby said...

Body art
Brazilian wax jobs
Bracko's buff bod

Mike said...

The Bailout
The plight of Women in Afghanistan
Brigitte Pellerin's inability to use Google

Red Jenny said...

The general decline of civilization

JJ said...

"Brigitte Pellerin's inability to use Google"


deBeauxOs said...

The alleged "feminization of menzfolk".

How do I know? Ratzo tells me so!

Niles said...




Men going hungry and/or dying of poor diet because they are forced to directly ponder the mysterious large metal boxes in the kitchen without a helpmeet.

Dennis Pragh's wavering heroism.

Organic food.

The cancellation of 'manned' missions to other planets.

LuLu said...

Male pattern baldness

The return of the mini-skirt

The decline of western civilization as a whole

The heartbreak of psoriasis

Dishpan hands

The wanton destruction of my boots which were mine ... I miss my boots.

deBeauxOs said...

Pray tell ... how did feminism destroy your boots?

Now there's a story begging to be told, possibly done in the style of a Mexican photo-drama.

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