Thursday 19 February 2009

Protecting the Innocent

More news from North Dakota.

Protection -- indeed, constitutional rights -- for two-celled 'persons'. No protection for fully grown human whistleblowers.
A proposal to beef up North Dakota's whistleblower protection law for state workers has failed in the North Dakota Senate.

The bill was in response to problems at North Dakota's workers compensation agency that resulted in the firing of four employees.

It sought to give North Dakota's labor commissioner power to order the reinstatement of state employees who were fired for reporting possible wrongdoing in their agencies.

It kept employee complaints confidential and gave North Dakota's state auditor authority to check out allegations of wrongdoing.

Senators voted 25-21 on Thursday to defeat the bill. Republicans opposed the measure and Democrats supported it.

It looks like North Dakota wants to vie with Kansas for the 'Most Benighted State' title.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Read that this morning and was appalled. What a bunch of backward dinosaurs! (Was gonna write 'Neanderthals' but I think they were more progressive.)

JJ said...

Absolutely ridiculous. But at this point, it's all they've got ("personhood"). Unfortunately such idiotic legislation can have a profound impact on womens' reproductive rights, including contraception.

FYI, here's pandagon's take on it.

JJ said...

Oops, that comment should go with the "Personhood for ALL" post. Eh well...

fern hill said...

Chrystal Ocean's use of 'dinosaurs' and 'Neanderthals' probably misled you, JJ. I've added the Pandagon link to the personhood post. Thanks.

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