Wednesday 18 February 2009

Personhood for All, Courtesy ALL

It's the latest thing in the anti-choice movement: Personhood for All!!!!

Five USian states have introduced bills to give a fertilized human egg constitutional rights. Two more states are working on such bills. And in North Dakota today, the bill passed in the House.

The fetus fetishists are revved, despite the fact that such an initiative in Colorado last fall got trounced.

Here is Kay Steiger of RH RealityCheck reporting on The Personhood Conference held in January just after the zygote zealots' annual March for Life bunfest.
On Friday, dozens of pro-life activists gathered at the Personhood Conference in Washington, D.C. On Thursday, the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, they had marched with the tens of thousands of anti-choice activists, but today these activists were talking about personhood, a new plan of attack for the anti-choice movement. These activists are frustrated and tired of incrementalist approaches to abortion. "It's not working," announced Shaun Kenney of the American Life League. "It's failing."

The Personhood Conference, organized by the American Life League (ALL), enlisted speakers from a variety of segments of the pro-life movement, including a rising star, Kristi Burton. Burton is a 21-year-old woman who spearheaded the campaign for a state constitutional amendment in Colorado that sought to define life as beginning at fertilization. Burton says the Colorado personhood movement projects a "positive message," unites pro-lifers, and doesn't personally attack pro-choice activists.

(The American Life League is, of course, the gang of nutters that brought us 'The Pill Kills' campaign, so that makes sense.)

Feeeel the momentum. Personhood has its own website, run by Christian ministers 'who are missionaries to preborn children'. I am not making this up. Read their About Us page.

Personhood USA is committed to:
-Protecting every child by love and by law.

-Moving churches and the culture to make the dehumanization and murdering of pre-born children unthinkable.

-Build coalitions and organizations or local, State, National and International pro-life individuals and organizations that will work together on personhood legislation/ amendments.

-Honor the Lord Jesus Christ with our lives and actions

They really think this boat will float? Really?

I'm calling it: The forced-pregnancy movement has now jumped the shark.

This is going to be fun.

UPPITY-DATE: JJ, in the comments to another post, offers Pandagon's take.


Beijing York said...

They are relentless. From the "partial birth" extreme to "personhood at fertilization" at the other end of the spectrum. They can't even maintain internal consistency in their messaging.

So now it's NOT about saving viable fetuses by demanding that only early term abortions be allowed. And Epps bill was not about abortion.

Anonymous said...

If they declare a two cell 'thing' a person, I think they would be opening a can of worms. If a women miscarries, would she then be eligble for "benefits" for her dead unborn. I don't think the whackos have really thought this out. Maybe SUZY ALL CAPS will be on it. :)

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