Thursday 12 February 2009

Fetus fetishists are *secret* judeophobes.

There is one element in the CCBR's MASSIVE propaganda a.k.a. Genocide Awareness Project that has puzzled me.

Why do fundamentalist christian and catholic abortion criminalizers insist that they have the right to exploit the Holocaust?

How can these fetus fetishists usurp the Shoah to justify their murderous accusations against women?

Then I remembered that Dr Henry Morgentaler is Jewish and he survived Auschwitz.

Of course. Fetus fetishists have one goal that they proclaim over and over - to criminalize abortion. They are poaching the Shoah because a Jew who had the temerity to survive became a pro-choice physician, health care practitioner and advocate for women's reproductive options. Implicitely and by logical extension, the use of violence to stop abortion is authorized, just as military force was required to close down the extermination camps.

And in the news, the Vatican's Head Zygote Zealot is furiously back-pedaling.
The latest trouble began when Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunications of British-born Bishop Richard Williamson and three others belonging to the Society of Saint Pius X, an openly anti-Semitic Catholic sect.
Any day now, the Magisterium will announce their plans for The New™ Inquisition.


fern hill said...

You got HER frothing again, dBO. Our evul plan is working. :D

deBeauxOs said...

eh. Notice how SHE plays the parrot to our trademark style.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so the saying goes.

In the case of Blob Blogging Wingnut, it demonstrates HER stunning inability to grasp the reasoning in the text SHE desperately tries to shred by increasing the level of shrieeek.

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