Friday 6 February 2009

Bring out your human incubators.

A confession: whenever I encounter the fundamentalist glurge of Blob Blogging Wingnut, I say a little secular prayer for HER girls, as I do for my own daughter.

Because SHE is all about the fetus, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, all the time. SHE ripped through Joyce Arthur's thoughtful opinion piece in the Winnipeg Free Press and pulled out sentences like a CSIS operative looking for evidence of terrorism in illicitely recorded phone conversations.

Here's a good one. Blob Blogging Wingnut quoted Arthur: "Medical procedures, however, are governed by policy, not criminal law." but SHE deliberately left out the rest of the paragraph: "Doctors already adhere to a Canadian Medical Association policy that permits abortion after 20 weeks only "under exceptional circumstances." Less than 0.4 per cent of abortions occur after this point, all for compelling reasons such as serious fetal anomalies or life-threatening maternal health problems. This means that current abortion practice already matches the preferences of the vast majority of Canadians."

But never fear, SUZY ALL-CAPS added HER own embellishments: "If you practice medicine without a license, you will be charged with a crime. There can be criminal penalties for medical malpractice."

The reader is left wondering if there is any logical or a rational connection between HER comments and Arthur's observation. Is SHE suggesting that abortions in Canada are not being done under physicians' care? Clearly, SHE wants abortion criminalized and doctors prosecuted.

Blob Blogging Wingnut's never-ending intellectual dishonesty is unrelenting and is only matched by HER views that pregnant women are powerless incubators who must be forced to gestate their embryos and fetus. Nothing else matters. Does SHE envision rows upon row of pregnant women, artificially maintained in a state of coma, kept on life support so that every one of the fetus they carry is brought to term?

When I pray for BBW's daughters and my own, I have a thought for my mother who died in 2006. She did not want to be a mother; she miscarried once before she became pregnant with me. Had abortion been available from a doctor in a health clinic, instead of being a life-threatening and illegal procedure, she might have aborted.

And you know what? When I consider the grand scheme of life on Earth and in the Universe, it does not destroy me to envisage that my mother might have chosen to terminate the fetus I once was. That thought will not move me to join the mobs of shrieeekkking religious zealots who cannot imagine that a woman once had that power over them.

Here's my belief regarding my mother' pregnancy: it was her choice to make. As it was my decision to give birth to my daughter and it will be her choice whether she becomes a parent or not. Women's bodies are neither prisons nor incubators. They are powerful and that power belongs to each woman.

I will continue to oppose Blob Blogging Wingnut’s ill-conceived and grotesque rhetoric with arguments that are fact-based, reasoned and compassionate. And I will also hold HER up to ridicule whenever SHE claims that HER crusade is the same thing as the civil rights movement.


fern hill said...

You know, deBeauxOs, if we were getting paid to slap down HER lies, we'd have absolutely recession-proof jobs. SHE's at it again today, saying that because Canada has no abortion law, there are no restrictions on abortion at all.

Mike said...

Wow, now isn't THAT wonderfully and purposefully obtuse?

Never mind the facts, attack a purposely misunderstood sentence that really has nothing to do with the subject.

Well, she is insane, one should expect no less.

MrvnMouse said...

Wow, that is completely nutbar, that'd be like me saying that the way to make a proper espresso is governed by tradition and not criminal law.


Just because there can be criminal penalties for X does not imply that everything X is related to lies under criminal law.

Anonymous said...

Do you think her house is plastered with dead fetus gore pictures like her blog is (tastefully framed)? Must be a super fun place to grow up.

Beijing York said...

Excellent post dBO. Honestly, I think SHE is unhinged.

fern hill said...

We may be driving HER crazier if possible. SHE has answered you, dBO, with a linky even. Wow. That'll drive our stats up. Not.

deBeauxOs said...

Gosh fern hill, SHE reads us! SHE really, really reads us.

deBeauxOs said...

uh-ho. I just saw what she wrote.

Hysteria? Take a long look in the mirror, SAINTE-NITOUCHE.

Funny how SHE is outraged at the depiction of her fellow fetus fetishists yet states that feminists are obsessed with victimhood.

Reality check. Who plasters HER website with medical text-book photos as victimhood propaganda? Who proclaims HERself a social reformer by trying to co-opt the goals the civil rights movement? Who is poaching the Holocaust by insisting that it's exactly the same as HER issue?

JJ said...

"Cue the hysteria" -- irony is dead.

deBeauxOs said...

JJ, your blogpost deserves a link. Irony, R.I.P.

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