Sunday, 28 December 2008

Shocking News?!?!?

Not so much. From LuLu at Canadian Cynic, we learn about a secretive Con caucus dedicated to re-opening the abortion debate.
"I think the debate is ongoing," Bruinooge says. "We need to have a starting point of debating whether or not abortion should be legal right up until the moment of birth."Bruinooge wouldn't say how many MPs are formally part of the pro-life caucus, but said there are supporters from every party. It's up to individual members to "present their personal philosophy on this issue," he says.

Bruinooge was in the spotlight last July because of his association with the MASSIVE poll.


Beijing York said...

"there are supporters from every party" - I'd like to see a list.

I was so hoping Bruinooge would get turfed this last election but no such luck.

fern hill said...

Yeah, I want to see that list too, Beijing York.

Impolitical has an interesting take: Bruinooge going rogue?

janfromthebruce said...

Over at Impolitical i read this, "He seems to think it's high time to start pushing a divisive issue, in the midst of an economic crisis."
Well, actually it's the perfect time from a "shock doctrine" ideological perspective. When people are in shock, it's the best time to shake things up quickly when they cannot react.
This is the kind's of stuff Harris did when he got into power. Do all the dirty stuff at the beginning of the mandate.
Make no mistake, Harper must be silently condoning this guy's speaking out. Remember, we just had a private member's bill in protecting the fetus, so this is just more of the same.
I think that Iggy told Harper he would support him, and Harper knows that there are at least 12 libs who would back up "debate."

fern hill said...

Oh. Do let's have an outing - Gloves, scarf, hat, sensible shoes - check. Secret cock-us? Why secret?

Is this by any chance a sort of reverse stalking-horse - allowed by Harper as he is about to bend his economic agenda away from the 'true' neo-con path so as to hang on to minority power?

Might it be that Harper's nutbar base are the ones being stalked?

fern hill said...

That last comment was not by me, fern hill. Seems I didn't log out when I left the pseudz's place. And pseudz did not notice.

Why can't I edit comments?

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