Thursday, 27 November 2008


Hey you! Do not purchase anything tomorrow. Nothing at all.

You! Yes, you.

You! You're not addicted to shopping are you? Prove it then. Buy nothing.

You! What's the balance on your credit card? Does that scare you? Buy nothing.

You! Look in your cupboards. Look in your closets. Look around you. Do you use all that stuff?

If you said no, you can spend part of tomorrow, BUY NOTHING DAY, gathering up the good clothing and books and other fine items that you do not use and bring them to a local charity that will recycle them by selling or giving away the stuff that you bought but you don't use.

This year, November 28 is BUY NOTHING DAY. 17 years old and the appropriate response to the economic meltdown. It was started by Adbusters. Go read.

And tomorrow remember to BUY NOTHING.


fern hill said...

Yabbut. Cigarettes don't count. Right?

Beijing York said...

I think that daily necessities like cigs, wine, coffee, bread and milk shouldn't count. Plus, I'm all for keeping local dépaneurs in business.

matttbastard said...

Tangentially related and noted without comment.


Unknown said...

I am buying supper at the pub tomorrow. I don't know about you, but after a five-hour afternoon class I'm not really inclined to wait more than an hour on the bus to get home and start cooking.

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