Saturday, 22 November 2008

Never Again! unless the Catholic Church has its way ....

The above political cartoon was first borrowed to illustrate a blog about meddling bishops posted at Birth Pangs. It comes from a short opinion piece that was written in 2007 but it remains relevant, given the political activism of the Roman Catholic Church clergy during the 2008 Canadian federal election (no, the RepubliCons' Opus Dei candidate did not win) and especially during the US presidential elections where Cardinals spewed ideological diatribes against the Democrats because of their pro-choice position.

We are sad that Bloc Québecois Raymond Gravel was not a candidate for re-election. He received a letter from Vatican officials that told him to withdraw from politics or he would no longer be allowed to perform sacraments. The Le Devoir article above is much more critical than this mild report from the CBC.

In spite of claims to the contrary, it would seem that the spirit and practice of the Inquisition is still alive and kicking at the Vatican.


Simon said...

Hi Sisters....NICE blog.
As I mentioned on mine I LOVE those cats, and I even took your advice and bought tons of broccoli. Thanks...ugh...I think. ;)
As for Raymond Gravel I'm sorry to see those reactionary sexist and homophobic porkers in Rome have put an end to his political career. Although he is anti-abortion (and we have to deduct some points for that) he seems like a decent person committed to social justice. The kind of priest who might actually improve the low image of the Church. But I guess those nasty old crazy bigots are too stoopid to figure that out. that I think about it some more... I'd hate to have anyone make that shitty church look good... :)

deBeauxOs said...

There is nothing wrong with being against abortion for oneself as long as one does not enforce that belief on others - which Raymond Gravel did not.

He was also clear and eloquent regarding the fact that C-484 was a sleazy opportunistic piece of crap legislation. Gravel was a politician of integrity, and those are sadly in the minority. His parishioners (or whoever he tends to spiritually) are lucky to have him as their priest.

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