Friday, 19 September 2008

The Conservative Conspiracy

We at Birth Pangs had not read this blogger before. He's a card-carrying Conservative, he says. This week he took a look at Ken Epp's now defunct private member's bill, C-484, or The Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill.

And by gadfry, he gets it.

Unfortunately, this bill isn't just justice for heinous crimes, it's ammunition for the pro-life movement. The Conservative Party of Canada is pro-life yet nobody wants to admit it. Saying anything pro-life would kill their chances of getting voted in. So, how does a party that hates abortion forward their agenda without tying their name to it? They give ammunition to the pro-life lobby groups and spin it as a mere increase in punishment for heinous crimes.

How does c 484 help the pro-life movement? In our legal system, we have case law. All it takes is for a clever lawyer to meet a pro-life supreme court judge and have the lawyer be able to explain how giving unborn children rights from attack by a third party constitutes having the right to be protected from its mother.

Our current Supreme Court said that this law is legal and applies only to third parties. But what happens when someone on the supreme court dies or retires and needs to be replaced? It's the government that appoints the judges. If this government is in power when it's time to appoint a new judge, there is no doubt in my mind that they will choose a right wing, devout Christian who is pro-life.

We don't know what he means about our current Supreme Court, but the rest is bang on and exactly what anybody with two neurons to rub together (and no hidden agenda) has been saying from the beginning.

Oh, by the way, the post is titled 'The Conservative Conspiracy'. And he challenges his fellow Conservatives to debate him in the comments. As of just now, there were no takers.

We wonder if he's surprised.

First published at Birth Pangs.

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