Thursday, 24 July 2008

F*ck the Debate!

Out of all the brouhaha over the long-overdue recognition of Dr Henry Morgentaler's service and commitment to the women of Canada, there has been much hand-wringing (not to say pearl-clutching) over the abortion so-called debate. Headlines shrieeeeking that the debate isn't over, we need to reopen the debate, we're afraid to have the debate, etfuckingcetera.

(Here is Andrew Coyne's confused blethering, more than ably taken apart by Dr Dawg and here is a more recent, but drearily similar, call for debate.)

The main reason we don't need a debate on this is that it concerns women's rights and in a democratic society, human rights are not up for debate.

But this week we've been treated to another display of why we will not debate with the fetus fetishists on abortion rights.

Because they lie and cheat.

They gleefully freep polls as we reported here.

They are 'economical' with the truthiness when fundraising as we crowed reported here.

Then, when caught in said economy in truthiness, they sue the truth-tellers.

And this week's 'Massive Poll Scam' is yet another example of blatant attempted deck-stacking.

JJ and her band of Intertoobz Irregulars sleuthed out the mysteries of a 'massive' poll undertaken by a company that even a professional in the same biz in the same province had never heard of. This poll purports to demonstrate that a majority of Canadians do not support the award to Dr Morgentaler. (We at Birth Pangs continue to maintain that if nothing else the poll proves that 90 per cent of Canadians don't give a shit one way or the other.)

The usually dunderheaded MSM in Canada were not taken in. (You think the word 'abortionist' in the question may have been the tip-off that the poll was not conducted by objective truth-seekers?) Not one media outlet picked up on its massiveness.

So we won't 'debate' with liars and cheaters. Not only is there no point, to engage them emboldens them.

Canadian fetus fetishists get revved by the successes of their Merkin counterparts. At every level, in every state, Merkin fetus fetishists are waging relentless war on women's reproductive rights. There are literally thousands of fronts in this war: legislative and regulatory gambits to redefine pregnancy as beginning at conception (just like the Canadian private member's bill C-537), mandatory waiting times, mandatory ultrasounds, parental consent rules, informed consent rules, fetal homicide laws (just like Ken Epp's private member's bill C-484).

Perhaps the most egregious and, to Canadian sensibilities, shocking campaign is the decades-long persecution -- and no, that's not hyperbole -- of Kansas abortion provider Dr George Tiller.

As deBeauxOs writes here, Operation Rescue has posted online a list -- complete with photos and snarky captions -- of Dr Tiller's staff. Including the cleaning lady.

So, while we can giggle at the antics of our fetus fetishists, THIS is where things are heading here too.

They lie. They cheat. They manipulate. They harass. They persecute.

They publish hit-lists.

To all the hand-wringers and pearl-clutchers, we at Birth Pangs say: FUCK THE DEBATE.

UPPITY-DATE on the Massive Poll Scam. Wot fun! Plagiarism now to boot!

(First published at Birth Pangs.)


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That post is still as relevant right now as the day you wrote it, fern hill.

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Merci. We are a bilingual blog, eh?

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