Friday, 30 May 2008

OK, If we haaaave to. . .

This member of the Birth Pangs team is relatively new to blogging. So, we ask, do we haaaaave to answer an idiotic blogpost that links to us and calls us a liar?* Is that a rule?

All right, all right.

He (we now know it is a 'he' thanks to comments made to this post) says:

That the Sens Better Halves didn't boot the FPPC off the tree raffle charity, as Fern Hill dishonestly suggests here:

"We feminazis didn’t deny anyone funding. It was the Ottawa Senators’ fans — private individuals — who denied the anti-choicers their hard-earned dough."

Um. We're not sure quite what he's saying there. But we don't like that 'dishonestly'.

Let's go over the timeline. Again.

1. Heather Mallick apprises Dave Ready, president of the Senators' charitable foundation, of the nutbar affiliations and anti-abortion/anti-contraception agenda of one of the charities chosen by the Senators' wives and girlfriends. By his reaction, as reported by Mallick, he is surprised.

2. This information starts to circulate in the blogosphere, appearing *ahem* at Sens' fan sites and at sports blogs like Hockey Ladies of Greatness. Here's one comment from there:

As a Sens fan who bought a raffle ticket before realizing what I was supporting, I think I will wade in here.
While my personal position is pro-choice, I don't really have a problem in accidently supporting an organization that advocates non-abortion. In a free society all sides should be able to make their points known. I'm OK with anti-abortionists stating their postion and supporting it.
What bites me is that I also accidently supported an organization that uses irresponsible scare tactics and hyperbole to advance their cause. I really dislike having to support intellectual dishonesty. And it got worse because once news of the controversial links got out, the First Pregnancy organization changed their site to remove them and further hide their real position. Now potential doners will have even less information on who they are supporting.
I blindly trusted the Sens Foundation as the backer to this and certainly won't make that mistake twice.
I will now make additional donations directly to the other supported charities to assuage my guilt.

3. Fans like that -- who were the target donors, don't forget -- contact the Sens to voice their disapproval.

4. The Compulsory Pregnancy Centre voluntarily withdraws. Or, as we said back then, 'yeah, right'.

So, Mr. Nexus, why did they withdraw? They were in line for one-third of up to $150,000. If all was above-board, no lies told, no websites altered, nothing to hide atall-atall, why did they step back from such a windfall?

The only logical conclusion is that fans were pissed, the organization was embarrassed, and after arms were twisted, the Compulsory Pregnancy Centre 'withdrew'.

Individuals -- the fans -- made the choice. An informed choice, which is way more than the Compulsory Pregnancy Centre offers its 'clients'.

Next, there another challenge from Mr. Nexus:

Now if only Fern Hill were to come out and suggest why they believe their side of the debate should be entitled to federal funding while they work so hard to ensure their opponents receive no funding, even when they're providing actual services to women...
Fat chance of that.

We haven't said anything about government funding, but here goes: Our side of the so-called debate believes that medical services for everyone should be government-funded. Guilt-tripping, manipulation, and lying services should be funded by those who believe lying for Christ is okey-dokey.

And, now, we think we're done with Mr. Nexus.

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*UPDATE: Canadian Cynic welcomes fern hill to Rossholia. fern hill *waves* at CC because she doesn't have a google account and doesn't want one. Thanks for the welcome and the giggles.

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