Tuesday 10 April 2007


Fetus-fetishizers expend a lot of time, energy and money on one target: criminalizing abortion.
Here’s a modest proposal that would direct such resources elsewhere, with more positive results. If they let go of the fear, hatred and religious dogma that contaminate every action they take and every word they say - they could transform the sword of compulsory pregnancy held over women’s bellies into useful and concrete services.

INSTEAD OF standing outside clinics for the purpose of intimidating women and medical staff, those shouting, threatening men could work at refurbishing and maintaining daycare and playground equipment for children willingly brought into this world.

INSTEAD OF paying for the printing of repulsive pseudo-scientific propaganda, money would be better invested in the cost of school books and supplies.

INSTEAD OF purchasing ultrasound equipment for “pregnancy crisis” in non-medical clinics, the funding would support prenatal and postnatal centres that provide free health care to infants and children, and the assistance their mothers require.

INSTEAD OF glorifying adoption as the perfect solution to any and all unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, counseling could be available for children who suffer from post-adoption trauma and for their adoptive and biological families as well.

INSTEAD OF lobbying government legislators to criminalize abortion and to control women’s bodies, the focus should be on advocating social and economic conditions that make life worth living for everyone.

INSTEAD OF pushing abstinence as the only answer to preventing pregnancy, information and contraception should be free and accessible to women and men who are sexually active.

Though fetus-fetishizers are rabid about the rights of those they call the “pre-born”, they don’t really give a damn for the rights and personal safety of pregnant girls and women or their health care providers. Doctors and clinic staff have been injured and killed by anti-abortion fanatics. Once women who’ve been deceived or coerced by fetus-fetishizers give birth, they’re no longer a concern. After they’ve carried the exalted product of fertilization by a sacred sperm to its term, they’re no longer of interest to abortion criminalizers.

INSTEAD OF the shaming and the blaming that turns the crank of the fetus-fetishizers …
the respect and the responsibility that choice offers.That’s the BIG difference between compulsory pregnancy and pro-choice.

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