Friday 19 October 2012

Take That, Henry!

Who didn't see this coming?

Two convicted serial clinic harassers 'pro-life heroines' -- one actually in jail at the moment -- receive Queen's Jubilee Medals.

After all, REAL women was one of the non-governmental 'partner' groups advising on the award of 60,000 of the honours.
REAL Women is outspoken on several issues: They are strictly anti-abortion, believe in the traditional definition of marriage, oppose Canada’s “promoting [of]easy divorce legislation” and say the Supreme Court has too much power. They say Winnipeg’s Human Rights Museum project was spearheaded by “left-wing extremists” that included “representatives of homosexual and feminist interests.”

They also have criticized the “wayward” Michaëlle Jean, the former governor-general, who they say “cavorted” with separatists and Liberals. They wrote that Ms. Jean “appears to be a lightweight with little or no grasp of Canadian history, culture or traditions.” (A spokeswoman said Ms. Jean, now chancellor at the University of Ottawa, wouldn’t comment on the issue.)

This did not deter the office of Ms. Jean’s successor, Governor-General David Johnston, from inviting REAL Women of Canada – an order Rideau Hall says came from the federal government.
From the federal government, eh?

REAL Women, in addition to being fervent fetus fetishists, are also virulently homophobic.

It is simply pay-back for Dr Morgentaler's Order of Canada, a point Gwen Landolt of REAL Women makes perfectly clear.
Landolt pointed out that if Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s ‘father of abortion’ who “kills for a living and destroys human life,” can receive the Order of Canada - Canada’s highest civilian honor - then “its about time that someone who fights to protect life gets recognized”.
What vile, petty little people they are.


Sixth Estate said...

I'm surprised no one in government saw the obvious problem of using a Crown medal to recognize the actions of someone who is violating the Crown's laws.

Or I would be, if I thought there was anyone left in government who actually cared about such things.

Anonymous said...

An award for harrassing women. Is Rona okay with that too?

Anonymous said...

GG Jean was the Governor General of Canada. Her gig was to "cavort" with Canadians, even BQ & LPC types. Thinking maybe the Real Wingnuts are the ones lacking in education.

Never did get the concept of awards, whether Order of Canada, these new fangled Queen's Jubilee bling, or the "Honourary" degrees that Universities bestow upon bumblers that happen to record a pop hit single, or inheritors of $$ they hope will get donated their way.

In this case though, seems a bit inconvenient that the hardon crime Cons are rewarding a good sit/stay to a recipient that is residing in the crowbar hotel.


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