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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Judge to Fetus Fetishist: FFS!

One of the Jubillee Jailbirds, Linda Gibbons, was in the news last week.


But some good news to report. Judges are getting increasingly pissed off at these scofflaws.

After sentencing Gibbons to the max, without reduction for time served, the judge displayed her, um, annoyance.
The judge went on to administer a tongue-lashing to Gibbons at today's hearing.

"She has indicated no remorse to the court," [Madam Justice Feroza] Bhabha said angrily. "She believes in the rightness of her cause ... (but) abortions are legal. Miss Gibbons does not appreciate that it's a legal right."

The judge added a "strong message" needs to be sent to her and others that "there needs to be respect for the law" and she characterized Gibbons as "a martyr for her cause ... It's very likely that she will appear again before this court."
. . .

She said Gibbons's continual appearance before the courts meant she was not amenable to "rehabilitation" and her conduct "must be denounced," with general deterrence emphasized in order to "enhance respect for the law."

Commenters over at ProWomanProLie are wallowing in glurge. Lookit this from 'antigonon'.
It is arguable that Gibbons – along with Mary Wagner, also in jail in Toronto, & for the same reason – may doing the most valuable work on earth. By their willingness voluntarily to absorb a small measure of the injustice inflicted on the innocent, no child dies without this incomparable witness to their value. They are thus – humanly speaking – not utterly abandoned. Hard to see what else in the world stands against injustice as these two do.
That would be Mary Wagner, the other Jubilee Jailbird, who was something of a cause célèbre among fetus fetishists last year when another judge let fly.

Quote from LieShite. Note ellipses.

“You’re wrong and your God’s wrong,” [Judge S. Ford Clements] continued. “You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do.”

Fox News North and assorted other usual suspects went batshit Christian martyr-crazy and the judge got his wrists slapped for his little

But at least her attempt to get public funding to take her 'cause' to the Supreme Court was also slapped down.

They continue NOT to get it. Yes, you have the right to freedom of speech. What you do NOT have is the right to the audience of your choice.

[Sorry for all the LieShite links. They are the only ones to cover this crap.]

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Jailbirds

*Sigh*. One of the Jubilee Jailbirds has been arrested again.

Yes, Linda Gibbons is up to her one-trick-pony trick again. Outside an abortion clinic, but according to the LieShite story, now with supporters. Plural.

One of her supporters had a video camera, proof at the link.

Maybe Linda wanted to join her pal Mary Wagner, who is still in jail, to show her what her little trinket looks like. Mary will get one too, courtesy of one of Canada's fetus fetishizing MPs, Maurice Vellacott.

In Canada, we celebrate the Queen's Jubilee by giving commemorative medals to convicted serial clinic harassers.

A petition asking the Governor General to correct this travesty is here.

BONUS: At Twitter, on the Zombie Hashtag #M312, insane fetus fetishists (well, only one so far) are tweeting about abortion as a satanic ritual.
Letting SmokeOut ‏@LettingSmokeOut
“Satanists view an abortion to be the most highly valued form of human sacrifice." Former satanist, Doc Marquis ‪#m312‬ ‪#ProChoice‬
Letting SmokeOut ‏@LettingSmokeOut
Abortion & the occult: a look inside life at a death mill ‪ …‬ ‪#cdnpoli‬ ‪#m312‬ ‪#ProChoice‬ = Death ‪#Obama2012‬ ‪#p2‬ ‪#WarOnWomen‬
Well, 'tis the season, after all.

(Check out the holiday decorations at A Creative Revolution.)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Only in Canada, You Say? Shame.

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has put up a petition asking the Governor General and PMSHithead to retract the Queen's Jubilee Medals from the Jubilee Jailbirds.
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals were awarded in October to two convicted criminals. Conservative Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott selected Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner to receive medals. Both women are anti-choice protesters who repeatedly and deliberately violate Ontario court injunctions that ban protesters from harassing women as they enter an abortion clinic.

Wagner has illegally invaded clinics, frightening patients and staff and obstructing clinic operations. Both women have been in and out of jail for years, showing no respect for the rule of law or the rights of others.
Sign the petition here.

Image source

h/t KayVee.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

About those 'peaceful' anti-choice protesters. . .

Now that the MSM has twigged to the Jubilee Jailbirds, some sensible stuff is appearing. Here's Colby Cosh calling BS on the 'civil disobedience' claim by serial convicted clinic harasser and bully, Mary Wagner.

Because, you know, going where you're not wanted, upsetting people, and getting into a 'tussle' is totally like Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Jesus or something.

Look what just happened yesterday in Oregon.
Tolhurst, who gave his address as a motel, had been protesting by himself since June outside the health center. He came and went on a bicycle, with his signs in a duffel bag, said Myrna Shaneyfelt of Josephine County Right to Life, who sometimes stopped by to encourage him and warn that he was vulnerable protesting alone.
Josephine County is a real nice place for abortion clinic harassment/bullying.
Settled during the Gold Rush, politically conservative Grants Pass has a long history of anti-abortion activism. Josephine County Right To Life holds an annual parade, and the city is the hometown of Rachelle "Shelley" Shannon*, convicted of firebombing abortion clinics and the 1993 shooting of a doctor in Kansas who provided abortions. She is serving an 11-year term in federal prison.
What actually happened is in dispute. It seems a young woman was going into the clinic -- where abortions are NOT performed by the way -- and took exception to the loser's signs. She kicked one over.

Then he pushed her. She left and came back with her father who pushed the guy back and punched him in the face. The guy had a knife and stabbed dad 'several times'.

Dad had emergency surgery and is in stable condition. Daughter has cuts on her hand. Nutbar had bruises on his face.

Police are investigating various claims of self-defense.

Or maybe 'civil disobedience' was the cause of the stab wounds.

Cosh is generous to the fetus fetishists, noting that a majority of them are probably not deranged losers, who may or may not be armed.

But enough of them certainly are deranged losers with a fetish not only for fetuses but for violence.

And today on twitter, another lovely example of the double fetish.
All abortion clinics should have bubble zones around them. About a mile in diameter should do it.

*We remember Shelley Shannon, don't we? She shot Dr George Tiller in both arms in 1993. Roeder just finished the job.

**Both Roeder and Hill assassinated abortion providers.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Jubilee Jailbirds

So, that 'vetting' of Queen's Jubilee nominees supposedly done by the Governor General turns out to be not very rigorous.
Rideau Hall can vet nominees only against the “core eligibility criteria” for the medal, a process that amounts to little more than checking for a pulse and a passport.
Jailbird status -- past or present -- does not factor in.

OK, then.

We join our pal Canadian Cynic in encouraging an Opposition MP to do this.

Wouldn't that be fun?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Take That, Henry!

Who didn't see this coming?

Two convicted serial clinic harassers 'pro-life heroines' -- one actually in jail at the moment -- receive Queen's Jubilee Medals.

After all, REAL women was one of the non-governmental 'partner' groups advising on the award of 60,000 of the honours.
REAL Women is outspoken on several issues: They are strictly anti-abortion, believe in the traditional definition of marriage, oppose Canada’s “promoting [of]easy divorce legislation” and say the Supreme Court has too much power. They say Winnipeg’s Human Rights Museum project was spearheaded by “left-wing extremists” that included “representatives of homosexual and feminist interests.”

They also have criticized the “wayward” Michaëlle Jean, the former governor-general, who they say “cavorted” with separatists and Liberals. They wrote that Ms. Jean “appears to be a lightweight with little or no grasp of Canadian history, culture or traditions.” (A spokeswoman said Ms. Jean, now chancellor at the University of Ottawa, wouldn’t comment on the issue.)

This did not deter the office of Ms. Jean’s successor, Governor-General David Johnston, from inviting REAL Women of Canada – an order Rideau Hall says came from the federal government.
From the federal government, eh?

REAL Women, in addition to being fervent fetus fetishists, are also virulently homophobic.

It is simply pay-back for Dr Morgentaler's Order of Canada, a point Gwen Landolt of REAL Women makes perfectly clear.
Landolt pointed out that if Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s ‘father of abortion’ who “kills for a living and destroys human life,” can receive the Order of Canada - Canada’s highest civilian honor - then “its about time that someone who fights to protect life gets recognized”.
What vile, petty little people they are.