Thursday 18 October 2012

Anti-Choice AWESOMENESS! With Zip-Lines!!

From SUZYALLCAPSLOCK I learned there is a Facebook-like thingy for anti-choicers called ProLifeBook. SHE is involved in a discussion about what they should do next.

Jonathan Darnel doesn't think they should be doing this . (emphasis in original)
So here's an article about an enormous pro-life concert taking place in L.A. which is supposedly "aimed at strengthening young people in their pro-life convictions":

Pro-Life Youth to Fill Dodger Stadium* in Event Celebrating Life

Forgive my typical skepticism, but this just screams "Waste of Time".  Have we learned nothing whatsoever from the past 40 years of marching in Washington? 

Have we learned nothing whatsoever from the past 60s years of "Christianity is fun" revivals and worship services?

Churches have been trying to sell Jesus like this for decades, and the culture has only gotten worse.  Now the pro-life movement is making the same stupid mistake.

It does absolutely no good to get people all excited and emotional and energized about a cause if you then ask them to do......nothing.

If anything, it deadens our consciences because we feel like we've accomplished something when we've really just entertained ourselves.
Here's the website for the bunfest.
An AWESOME family-friendly event, packed with games, live music, food trucks and Dodger Dogs, along with inspirational Pro-LIFE speakers and special guests!  Plus there’s FREE parking and proceeds from the carnival-style games and activities will benefit local Pro-LIFE groups!
I stared bemusedly at the logo for quite a while until I twigged what it is supposed to be. What do you think?

I mean, who could resist this line-up?
A high-powered lineup of celebrities and church and community leaders will be appearing at the event, including Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez, actor Mauricio Kuri (For Greater Glory), who is traveling up with his parents from Mexico City, Christian musical sensation Lincoln Brewster, actor Eduardo Verastegui (For Greater Glory, Bella), and many others. The popular Christian reggae band Christafari will also perform, and dynamic international evangelist Justin Fatica will deliver an intensely dramatic message about abortion and healing that the young attendees of all backgrounds will not soon forget.

Amongst other AWESOMENESSES, they are offering 'Pro-Life All-Star' cards, modelled on baseball cards, zip-lines, obstacle courses (how appropriate), and carnival rides.


Regular DJ! readers know that I seldom agree with zygote zealots, but I gotta say Jonathan has a really good point.

Trying to make fetus fetishizing, slut-shaming, panty-sniffing, and fetal gore pr0n FUN is a ginormous waste of time.

*To fill Dodger Stadium, they need 56,000 people.

BONUS: via @RadicalHandmaid, an account of what happens to young people when they are indoctrinated in anti-choice hatred and lies.

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