Sunday, 27 March 2011

Is that a hidden agenda in your pocket Stevie

or are you just happy to be campaigning?

So the élection
érection is out of the pants bag. It sounded bizarre when the word slipped out during Harper's press conference on Saturday but I assumed my hearing was off and I needed more coffee.

As it turns out,
this isn't the first time Stevie has said érection instead of élection.

Now, what does that say about bilingual members working for the PMO politburo that they're all too scared stiff to tell the boss he keeps getting his French *l* & *r* mixed up?

Lusting after a majority is Viagra to Harper? That's hardly a surprise. But since we're rubbing up to the edge of vulgarity here - what the hell, let's go all the way.
One could blame it on Dan Gardner since he wrote "Stephen Harper is Richard Nixon on a bad day." back in 2008.

Stevie Peevie. Tricky Dicky.

Don't Switch Dicks in the Middle of a Screw, Vote Nixon in '72

Harper desperately desires a majority. His strategy so far is to warn Canadians they shouldn't switch, that they should stick with the one who'll provide them with a steady and stable ride economy.
WTF? Is that some weird subliminal tactic, an attempt to seduce undecided female voters?

In what other weird, frantic, unattractive ways is Harper like Nixon?


Skinny Dipper said...

The opposition coalition forced the erection.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Harper plans to go after "women's votes". It is insulting that he thinks we are a homogenous group to be targeted. And then he only cares about women as full-time caregivers, denying us a national day care program and funding to organizations that worked towards gender equality in the workplace and sexual and reproductive choice. He is a scary man.

Beijing York said...

Check out the list provided by Voices at this site:

So many of the organizations that lost funding or had funding reduced are women's advocacy groups (advancing such things as safety, reproductive rights, pay equity) and childcare experts and advocates.

Harper only appeals to women who are content to dutifully follow their husband's whims in the kitchen and bedroom.

And while on the subject of paternalistic world views, we also need a list of evangelical organizations who have reaped a windfall from this government.

Nadine Lumley said...

The War on Women

The many ways HarperCon hates women:’s-hitlist-human-rights-taken-out-commission

This link below is the US, with a Democratic president.
Imagine what could happen with a Harper majority government.
Women's Rights -- The Right's War On Women

MS Magazine weighs in on Harper’s female troubles

But as progressive folks up north clucked complacently at U.S. folly, the winds of change were gathering around Canada’s snowy Parliament Hill. In 2006 we elected a minority Conservative government under the leadership of a grey-faced, thin-lipped man named Stephen Harper. In typical Canadian fashion, progressive forces immediately froze in disarray.

We wrung our hands and hoped his Conservative party’s status as a minority government would keep Harper’s right-wing policies from actually having an impact on our Canadian way of life. We were wrong.

Harper’s actions against women’s needs epitomize the wide swath of Bush-style policies he has inflicted on Canada in the last four years.

deBeauxOs said...

The terrific links that Beijing York and Nadine provided, clickable:

Voices' list of groups defunded by Harper Regime.

The War on Women

HarperCon Hates Women

Think Progress article

Ms magazine article

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