Sunday, 27 March 2011

Contempt leader Harper stumbled

and this journalist caught the moment.
Harper, in an unscripted moment and in hasty reaction to the Ignatieff statement, made a mistake.

It was the kind of fumble that can happen in the rough and tumble quick action of an election, away from the controlled setting of the House of Commons, where the prime minister always gets the last word.

Harper, who really did sound a bit rattled, called Ignatieff’s written promise a “little tidbit” in a news release. Then, oddly, maybe even incomprehensively, he accused the liberals of “trying to set it as a hidden agenda” and that Ignatieff declared his position in writing because “he couldn’t deny it in front of the cameras.”

In another few moments, so short and yet pivotal in a campaign, Ignatieff replied at his own news event: “[Harper] wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up and shook his hand.”

Freeze frame that, and go back to Harper, at Rideau Hall.

Continuing down the unscripted road, looking and sounding even more unsure of himself, Harper did the one sure thing that had his script masters shuddering, he referred to the possibility his party might win only another minority.
Or lose his *érection* so badly that his Contempt party won't even get the opportunity to re-form another Harper Regime©™.

It was reported that Stevie Spiteful was booed at his appearance in Brampton today. Harper's handlers should make sure he's taking his mood-control meds. If one of his notorious temper tantrums or foul expletive-laden outbursts is caught on camera, it will crack the veneer of his carefully crafted image.


Anonymous said...

That is too funny, for words. Harper has said, he is a Christian, that I have always doubted. He is a very mean spirited person. My way, or no way, is his mantra.

Two M.P's from the east on camera said, Harper is a dictator, a fascist, and far too stubborn to work with. That I do believe. He is an arrogant, control freak. He prorogues Parliament twice in one year, to avoid questions, he didn't want to answer. He cuts, ducks, runs and hides. He doesn't have leadership qualities, that's why he only gets a minority. No-one fully trusts him.

Beijing York said...

Hmmmm, maybe the advertising team for the LPC should re-work the "Not a Leader" campaign for this election.

Alison said...

We can only hope Harpie cracks. He absolutely hates being questioned, witness his absence from the House the past few days.

I just came from the Liberal rally in Montreal and Ignatieff gave a great speech to a packed and enthusiastic crowd. He was very personable, in contrast to the evil robot.

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