Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rachel Maddow Is Envious of Canadian Parliament

Sure, Rachel ultimately uses the occasion to talk about USian fiscal transparency, but she does a very creditable job of explaining the Canadian situation. She seems to have a better grip on it than many Canadians.

I really want our MSM to do some education on Canadian government and electoral system, while they're breathlessly covering the horse races and keeping score of gaffes.

I know. Hopeless.


Dylan said...

Thank you for this!

deBeauxOs said...

fern, that's the kind of thing that Rick Mercer's writers could do.

Even better, it should be a series of informative, witty short pieces produced by that Oscar-nominated (The Big Snit) guy Richard Condie.

Lorne said...

This is great. Thank you. I'm going to promote this on my Facebook federal election page.

JJ said...

Wasn't that segment great?! Loved it. Especially when she said "There was a lot they could have gone after this guy for"... "this guy", bwahaha! Like he's some street criminal. Too funny!

OTOH, Rachel might be surprised to find out how long it can take our opposition to find the balls to actually get this thing done.

fern hill said...

How long. . .

The recall process takes a while but is pretty snappy compared to how long our Loyal Opposition took to find balls.

I think this election is going to have a lotta turns and twists.

JJ said...

fern hill - It's kind of an interesting parallel she drew between the recall process and bringing down parliament. They're different procedures obviously, but once the signatures are gathered or the vote of nonconfidence is taken, both take about 6 weeks to get to election day.

It's just that it's only taken the Dems a few weeks to gather signatures, but our opposition has hemmed & hawed for over 2 years to arrive at this point.

I expect lots of twists & turns also, but probably the same result as last time. It all depends on how the CPC campaigns -- I think Cdns are sick of attack campaigns -- and how pliant the media decides to be.

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