Saturday, 26 March 2011

Harper is a Victim. Really.

Poor, sad Stevie Spiteful.

Harper says he didn't want an election and now he has to run for it.

Harper was betrayed, betrayed! by Bruce Carson, he the PMO tells us.

Harper and his Harper Regime©™ were found in contempt of Parliament for these actions - although these are the same old same old tactics the Cons have been exploiting since Stevie became leader of the *new* ReformaTory Conservative (NOT progressive) party in 2004.

And now
this damning G20 report, calling for a MASSIVE inquiry.

Oh. Wait. Could Stevie be playing at being a victim, a role-reversal trick that bullies typically like to pull?

In the
words of our esteemed blogging colleague Alison @ Creekside:
The Cons' contempt for Parliament was just a part of their contempt for all of us.

The Cons' contempt. It's why we call them Cons.


Beijing York said...

I couldn't believe that only one reporter asked about his party being found in contempt of Parliament. Pathetic.

If the journos don't highlight it, the other parties better damn well do so. His answer was very defensive, insulting and telling. To paraphrase: "Canadians don't care about parliamentary motions..."

Fat Arse said...

Masterful post. Harper's machinations to convince us he is "a victim" is like rapist trying to use the excuse he is just "misunderstood"!

RKD said...

Harper is a master at "re-framing" the truth into something sinister and decidedly "Un Canadian". Like the Oppositions concern about Afghan detainees was "un Canadian". And he's learned that it doesn't matter how big the lie, as long as somewhere, there is a small grain of truth in it, you just repeat the lie frequently and forcefully, and it takes on a life of it's own. It becomes believable, or at least, credible. The media will latch onto it and 30% of Canadians will believe him.

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